Anjana Venkataramanan

Anjana VenkataramananCourse: MSc Biomedical Science

Current role: PhD student, Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany

"I am originally from India, currently pursuing my PhD research at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany in the Department of Neurobiology. My field of interest has so far been focused towards genetics and molecular sciences. But my current research primarily revolves around behavioural neuroscience in Drosophila melanogaster which I am thoroughly enjoying. I would attribute a major part of the credit to the experience I got in handling the organism during the Developmental Biology practical course offered by the MSc Biomedical Science program at the University of Sheffield.

"Apart from being concise and up-to date with the current developments in research, the program covers a wide range of topics in diverse arenas, thereby allowing the candidate to zone in on their own areas of interest either for further studies or research. I found the cancer biology theoretical course and the cell biology practical course to be particularly challenging yet highly useful in the long run.

"One of the reasons I landed the specialised PhD project I am working on right now is the reputation the University of Sheffield holds on a Global scale. The letter of reference I got from Professor Steve Winder along with that from the project guide of my master's thesis really boosted the weight of my resume in a number of ways while I was applying for my doctoral studies to research groups all around the world.

"On the scientific front, the one year I spent on theoretical and laboratory courses in Cellular and Molecular sciences helped reinforce the already solid foundation I had gained during my bachelor’s degree in basic core biology. This gave me the confidence to take up my project pertaining to visual short term orientation memory in Drosophila which deals with the several biochemical pathways and neuronal firing taking place in the fly brain during a stipulated period of time.

"I have been working in this project for the last one year and am about to successfully enter into the second year of my PhD program. I am grateful for having chosen the department of Biomedical Science as Master’s program which has ultimately gotten me to this place in my academic journey at such an early stage."