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Masters courses

Our 12-month masters courses are focussed on understanding human health and disease, unlocking new treatments, improving care and prolonging life. They have been designed to respond to fast-moving areas of research, where there is a growing demand for skilled, multi-disciplinary bioscientists.

Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and get specialist training from world-class scientists. They are a great way to build on on your existing scientific knowledge and practical skills, to equip you for a career in academia or industry. All of our courses can also lead straight on to a PhD through our PhD with Integrated Masters programme.

MSc Biomedical Science

Combines expertise from across Biomedical Science to offer a wide range of practical and lecture modules in cell biology, developmental biology, neuroscience and stem cells.

MSc Biomedical Science with Education

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your research and pedagogical skills, or you're taking the first step towards your teaching career, this course will provide you with excellent training to both teach biomedical science and carry out your own research projects within the field.

MSc Genomic Approaches to Drug Discovery

Pulls together our expertise in genomics to offer specialist practical and lecture modules on key elements of drug discovery and techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry.

MSc Human Anatomy with Education

Taught by our human anatomy specialists to provide hands-on training to become an accredited anatomy teacher.

MSc Molecular and Cellular Basis of Human Disease

Built around our expertise in molecular and cellular biology to offer specialist practical and lecture modules on the mechanisms behind human disease.

MSc Neuroscience

Applying our strengths in sensory neuroscience to offer specialist practical and lecture modules on the neurological pathways that control our senses.

MSc Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Focussed around groundbreaking research into stem cells to offer specialist practical and lecture modules on how they can be applied to new treatments.

PhD with Integrated Studies

Combines a one year masters course with a three year PhD research project, to develop your knowledge and skills before you start your PhD training.

MSc Science Communication

This exciting MSc course is taught by world-leading scientists and media practitioners in the fields of science communication and journalism. Our internationally recognised expertise coupled with teaching staff with extensive professional experience in Fleet Street and the BBC, will provide you with unparalleled support.