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Biomedical Science courses

Our undergraduate degree courses are all based around understanding the human body and our ability to control it during health and disease. They are designed for students with a strong general interest in modern biology, who want to study the subject in the context of the latest research.

We cover topics from the level of the gene up to the integration of whole body systems, and our anatomy module is one of the only courses in the UK to offer a full dissection of a human cadaver. There's also the opportunity to work with world-class scientists doing research into the development and function of various cells, systems and individuals, in both health and disease.

Biomedical Science – BSc or MBiomedSci

UCAS codes: B900 / B909
Length: Three years / four years

The BSc Biomedical Science course is taught over three years, and the MBiomedSci course has an extra year for you to complete an in-depth research project in one of our state-of-the-art research labs.

Biomedical Science with a Year Abroad - BSc

UCAS codes: B901
Length: Four years

On this course, you can spend a year between your second and third year studying biomedical science at a top institution in another part of the world. You'll be able to learn from other renowned researchers while getting to know another part of the world.

You'll have the freedom within your overseas programme to study subjects outside biology, so it’s also a chance to broaden your academic horizons.

Biomedical Science with a Year in Industry - BSc or MBiomedSci

UCAS codes: B902 / B911
Length: Four years / Five years

On these courses, you can complete a year-long work placement at a scientific research company. You'll be able to learn how research is carried out in an industrial setting, pratice your scientific skills on commercial projects, and get plenty to add to your CV.

This placement will happen between your second and third year if you take the BSc course, or between third and fourth year if you take the MBiomedSci course.

Biomedical Science with Foundation Year

via Department for Lifelong Learning

The foundation year offers students with non-standard entry qualifications a thorough and supportive academic preparation for successful degree level study in our department. It is designed to build your confidence and give you the essential knowledge of the subject.

BSc Biosciences with Foundation Year (C900)

via Science and Engineering Foundation Year

UK students

If you want to study biosciences, but don't meet the entry requirements to go straight into the first year, our Biosciences with Foundation Year is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to succeed at university. After successfully completing the one-year programme, you'll progress onto the first year of your chosen degree.