Katie Cox

Degree: BSc Biomedical Science

Katie Cox 500Katie is currently spending a month on placement with Apconix, a toxicology company based in Alderley Park where she's conducting research into ion channels before she returns to Sheffield for her final year. It's thanks to her personal tutor that Katie gained the confidence to approach companies and secure this summer placement to aid her future career search.

"I am currently on a month’s placement during the summer break between my second and third year of studying Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield. My placement is at Apconix, a toxicology company based in Alderley Park that specialise in ion channel screening for emerging drugs at a pre-clinical stage. Here I am doing some research into cells which have been transfected with certain ion channels and the effect of different compounds on these ion channels using conventional and chemical patch clamp techniques.

"Biomedical science covers a wide range of relevant topics such as; neuroscience, cell biology and pharmacology. My studies in Sheffield have given me an insight into the theory behind a lot of cellular mechanisms such as the behaviour of ion channels, carrying out experiments and research on my placement has solidified this knowledge and put it into practice in the real world. I also look forward to expanding on the topic in my third-year module: Molecular Physiology of Ion Channels and Human Disease.

"I have received a lot of valuable support from my tutor and he gave me the confidence to approach different companies outside of the university which resulted in securing a summer placement. I think placements are a good thing to have on your CV however long or short they are because any experience you have is likely to make you more favourable to employers and they also give you an idea of the jobs you could go into after you leave university."