Pauline Narvas

Photograph - Pauline NarvasDegree: BSc Biomedical Science with a Year in Industry

Placement organisation: The University of Sheffield

During her second year, Pauline studied the ‘Introduction to Human Anatomy’ module and took on the role of team leader for the Organ Donation Project, where students work in groups to come up with an innovative way to promote organ donation.

“My role was to delegate tasks to other team members and think of creative, ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to engage young students to sign up for the organ donation register, using our anatomical knowledge.

“This was a different, creative project in contrast to other assignments we did on the course. I really enjoyed working in a team and through this project I developed leadership skills, communication skills and how to resolve conflict.

“This project showed me that there’s more to a Biomedical Science student than labs, reports and dissections. Underneath the analytical and problem solving skills obtained on the surface of my degree is also creativity, adaptability, marketing and entrepreneurial skills which can be unleashed by collaborative, multi-disciplinary work such as the Organ Donation Project. This project and related work experience has now motivated me to seek out alternative careers to my degree - in particular in the tech and creative industries.”

In her third year, Pauline completed a year-long placement at the University of Sheffield as a Communications and External Engagement Assistant.

“Throughout the year, I assisted in several projects in areas of learning and teaching, marketing, research, employability and internal engagement. I also attended various events, conferences, external trips and meetings, which allowed me to build up my confidence in talking to strangers to make new connections. One of my personal highlights was being nominated for the ‘Best Placement Student’ award at the National Undergraduate Employability Awards.

“Although my placement year was not the most obvious one that a science student may have chosen, I’ve gained so much - both personal and professional development. I’ve also built transferrable skills including creativity, teamwork and project management.”

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