Contact information, help and advice

For general queries contact the Departmental office (Room C102 Firth Court - located inside the main entrance opposite the porters lodge).

We will communicate regularly with you via the Google+ forums and MOLE, plus your University email account. Please note that we can use only your University email address. It is your responsibility to check this regularly. Additionally, check your your University handbook and Academic Diary, as well as the BMS Student Noticeboards - located on the ground floor of the Florey building (in base of stairwell).

See also: The BMS Student-Staff Email Partnership (via the eHandbook)

Student Services

The central Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) website provides a wide range of support services for all students.

Main Teaching Contacts
Professor Kathryn Ayscough Head of Department
Dr. Louise Robson Director of Undergraduate Studies, Chair of CMG
Dr. Gordon Cooper Chairman of Departmental Examinations Board
Professor Alistair Warren Director of Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Science
Dr. Gordon Cooper Chair of Student-Staff Committee
Dr. Gordon Cooper Chief UCAS Selector
Year Tutors: 
Dr. Lauren Buck Level 1
Dr. Henry Roehl Level 2
Dr. Mohammed Nassar Level 3
Dr. Anne-Gaelle Borycki Level 4
Professor Steve Winder Postgraduate Taught Course Director
Dr. Martin Zeidler Year Abroad Tutor
Dr. Elizabeth Seward Industrial Placement Officer
Dr. Mark Bass Summer vacation - SURE project Scheme
Personal Tutors

Level 1

  • C1 Dr Ivana Barbaric
  • C2 Dr Mark Bass
  • C3 Dr Natalia Bulgakova
  • C4 Dr Mark Collins
  • C5 Dr Gordon Cooper
  • C6 Dr Vincent Cunliffe
  • C7 Prof Bazbek Davletov
  • C8 Dr Kai Erdmann
  • C9 Dr Andy Furley
  • C10 Dr Dan Humphreys
  • C11 Dr Marta Milo
  • C12 Dr Mohammed Nassar
  • C13 Dr Andrew Peden
  • C14 Dr Elena Rainero
  • C15 Dr Louise Robson
  • C16 Dr Henry Roehl
  • C17 Dr Liz Seward
  • C18 Prof Liz Smythe
  • C19 Dr Steve Brown
  • C20/C21 Dr Paul Gokhale

Level 2

  • B1 Dr Ivana Barbaric
  • B2 Dr Lauren Buck
  • B3 Prof Elizabeth Smythe
  • B4 Dr Mark Collins
  • B5 Dr Vincent Cunliffe
  • B6 Dr Andy Furley
  • B7 Dr Chun Guo
  • B8 Prof Marysia Placzek
  • B9 Dr Dan Humphreys
  • B10 Dr Steve Brown
  • B11 Dr Katherine Linehan
  • B12 Prof Peter Andrews
  • B13 Dr Marta Milo
  • B14 Dr Mohammed Nassar
  • B15 Dr Anton Nikolaev
  • B16 Prof Marcelo Rivolta
  • B17 Dr Lousie Robson
  • B18 Dr Anil Sahal
  • B19 Dr Freek van Eeden
  • B20 Prof Tanya Whitfield
  • B21 Dr Martin Zeidler

Level 3

  • A1 Prof Kathryn Ayscough
  • A2 Dr Mark Bass
  • A3 Dr Natalia Bulgakova
  • A4 Prof Bazbek Davletov
  • A5 Dr Kai Erdmann
  • A6 Dr Chun Guo
  • A7 Dr Martin Zeidler
  • A8 Dr Gordon Cooper
  • A9 Dr Anton Nikolaev
  • A10 Dr Lauren Buck
  • A11 Dr Andrew Peden
  • A12 Prof Marysia Placzek
  • A13 Dr Henry Roehl
  • A14 Dr Anil Sahal
  • A15 Prof Carl Smythe
  • A16 Prof Marcelo Rivolta
  • A17 Dr Matthew Towers
  • A18 Dr Freek Van Eeden
  • A19 Prof Alistair Warren
  • A20 Prof Tanya Whitfield
  • A21 Prof Carl Smythe

Level 4/Industry

  • Dr Anne-Gaelle Borycki (Level 4 Tutor)
  • Dr Stuart Johnson
  • Prof Steve Winder

PGT (Masters)

  • Dr Katherine Linehan
  • Dr Anne-Gaelle Borycki (Deputy Course Director)
  • Prof Steve Winder (Course Director)
BMS Office
Office Roles
Mr. Will Collier PA to Head of Department and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Mrs Rebecca Suttill / Mrs Susan Fletcher Office Managers/Undergraduate Admissions and Postgraduate Affairs Secretary
 Mrs Wendy Howard Bequeathals Secretary
Mrs Rachel Whittaker/Ms Liz Wood Undergraduate Affairs & Exams Administrators
Ms. Dawn Bramham Student Support Officer & Timetabling
Mrs Kristina Llewellyn Administrative Assistant, Learning & Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Laura Morton (Ms Latifa Baldwin - maternity leave cover) Receptionist
Teaching Technicians
Staff Contacts
Mr. Kevin Barsby Chief Technician responsible for Teaching Laboratories
Mrs Jill Revill Teaching Technician
Mr Gary Rodgers Teaching Technician
Miss Olivia York Teaching Technician
Mr. Andrew Metcalfe Teaching Technician
Ms Isabelle Heyerdahl-King Manager, Medical Teaching Unit
Mr. Andy Fitzgerald Medical Teaching Technician
Ms Caroline Couldwell Medical Teaching Technician
Ms Isabelle Heyerdahl-King Manager – Medical Teaching Unit

Illness and absence of leave

Absences due to illness or personal problems might affect your grades and degree classification. You must keep the department informed appropriately as and when problems occur. Informing us of difficulties after results are published may well lead them to be disregarded.

Student Support

The department understands that individual students or groups of students sometimes encounter difficulties in lectures, practical classes and other teaching situations. The department and the University has several support mechanisms in place to help you should you encounter any problems during your study time.

Student Staff Committee

The Student-Staff Committee (SSC)  provides a formal channel of communication between taught students and staff, and it is an essential part of the management of the department. The prime aim of the Committee is to enhance the experience of undergraduate students in the department.

BMS Google Plus Communities

Google+ has a ‘Community’ feature that lets BMS staff and students participate in a protected online forum productive to communication and information sharing. As well as keeping you informed about the latest news and events, these communities also provide an effective learning environment for BMS students.