Electronic Management of Assessment - Turnitin

The majority of BMS assessed coursework will be submitted electronically to Turnitin via MOLE (also known as e-submission). Information on the electronic upload process for individual module coursework assignment will be provided to you shortly before the due date for submission.

It is important that you read these instructions carefully and note any module-specific assignment requirements - as well as time deadlines.  After submission you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and you should place this in a designated folder as this is your submission receipt.   

If your coursework is marked online, additional information on how to access your grade and feedback will be provided. Some coursework submissions will also be subject to an 'Originality' check (or text-matching scan). The originality report can be used to help you improve referencing and citation skills (and avoid future plagiarism issues). You may be able to view your coursework originality report (at a later date) if the module coordinator has released it for the assignment.

If you would like to know more about how the University uses Turnitin to manage electronic assessment and feedback; and how you as a student can benefit from its originality checking, grade and feedback features, see the CiCS help guides on:

Standard BMS Turnitin e-submission settings:

  • You can upload and overwrite a previously submitted document to Turnitin right up to the due date.
  • If you have missed the deadline, you can still upload and submit your assignment.
    However, the system will mark your submission as late and standard overtime penalties will apply (but can be reviewed for special circumstances). See: The Academic Year / Submission of Work for Biomedical Science
  • If you are submitting off-campus, we cannot accept IT or internet-based problems as an excuse for a missed deadline (unless it is the University IT infrastructure at fault, e.g. Halls of Residence, and the CiCS team can verify this).

Assignment submission confirmation

Once you have submitted your document to Turnitin the system generates an e-mail will be sent to your Sheffield University address. This is your confirmation that you have submitted successfully to Turnitin and you should keep this for your records. It will also allow you to access a copy of your submission via a link in the email. Without this receipt appearing your submission may not have been successful and you should try again.

In addition, you will be able to download and print the digital receipt as a PDF file via the Turnitin submission tool.  Navigate to your module via the course list and locate the Turnitin assignment icon (this is the same place that you accessed to submit the assignment). Click the 'View/complete' button. In the Turnitin interface click 'Download' and choose 'Digital receipt'.