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Learning Technologies

Technology Enhanced Learning now plays an important role across the University and the use of learning technologies now plays a key role in supporting the department's learning and teaching activities. We understand the importance of enhancing the digital literacy of our students in readiness for future employability; and to expand transferable skill sets to meet the demands of an ever-increasing digital economy. BMS students can access a range of learning and teaching technologies. The main online services include:

My Online Learning Environment (MOLE)

MoleMOLE is the University of Sheffield’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and powered by the market-leading Blackboard software. MOLE provides a secure environment and gives BMS students flexible access (on or off campus) to registered online modules and a range of supporting course resources, such as:

  • Course information;
  • Supplementary lecture material including recorded lectures;
  • Quizzes and self assessment;
  • e-assessment submission and feedback retrieval.

CiCS: Getting started with MOLE

Turnitin (e-submission)

TurnitinFor assessing coursework material, BMS utilises Turnitin software that’s integrated into MOLE courses, and allows students to submit assignments electronically. This form of e-submission quickly enables teaching staff/tutors to access a range of tools to grade and give feedback (written or audio) on-screen for an individual piece of work. Students can then easily access and retrieve marked feedback upon release.

In addition, Turnitin has the ability to match text in for any piece of submitted coursework (called an Originality check) within its extensive essay comparison bank; which, in turn, enables students to review their similarity score. The generated report can greatly assist students in developing effective writing techniques, referencing skills, enhancing academic integrity and, in turn, avoiding potential plagiarism issues.

Getting started with Turnitin

Google+ Communities

Google+The social media tool Google+ has a 'Community' feature that lets staff and students participate in a protected online environment productive to communication and information sharing. BMS now uses the University’s Google+ service to connect staff and UG students on a year level basis.

The G+ platform has proved to be an extremely productive teaching and feedback mechanism for supporting year level course modules - and subsequently promoting an academic community of learning and engagement.

Getting started with G+ Communities

Google Education Apps

Google AppsSince the University adopted The Google Apps (For Education) suite in 2011, BMS has actively encouraged staff and students to embrace its core components - GMail, Drive, Calendar, and Sites - to facilitate communication, sharing/collaboration and, most importantly, learning. Sharing of documents, forms and websites couldn't be more simpler. For example, as a student, you will have access to:

  • Google Drive: A selection of 'Office' tools productive to information sharing. Staff and students can quickly create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and  images and share to individuals, groups or the University as a whole. As everybody has an Drive account, the platform is ideal for file security and cloud storage backup. In additioDrive's powerful collaborative features can greatly enhance teaching and learning activities such as peer review, formative feedback, and any other type of group collaborative work.
  • Google Forms: Staff and students can quickly set up online forms for capturing data which can be shared to individuals, a group, or the University as a whole. This may be polls, questions, survey data, lab or field class data, or qualitative data completed as part of lab group activity.
  • Google Sites: This software enables users to rapidly develop websites with little or no technical expertise; quickly facilitating the development of digital literacy and online communication skills.

CiCS: Getting started with Google Apps

Lecture Recording

myEchoAll BMS module lectures are now recorded using the University's Encore system to capture the lecturer’s computer screen (e.g. PowerPoint slides), audio and, if available, visual inclusion of the presenter. The recorded lecture is then integrated into the relevant MOLE (module) course for student retrieval. This has several benefits for students. In particular:

  • it enhances revision and feedback comprehension;
  • ensures lectures are more accessible for students with disabilities, including those with specific learning difficulties, and students with English as a second language.

You can usually find a link to myEcho lecture recording located in the left hand panel in your MOLE module course.

Encore Lecture Capture

Student Computing

The Department of Corporate Information and Computing Services (CiCS) provides computing, internet and IT services to the University.

As a BMS student you can access the wide range of CiCS managed computers across the campus or connect online using your own laptop or device.

Getting Started with IT Services

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Help and Support

The CiCS HelpDesk provides assistance with any computing problems.
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