BMS109 Principles of Molecular Biology (10 Credits)

Module Co-Ordinator: Dr. M. Nassar

Available as an individual module to students outside the department of Biomedical Science  as BMS157


This module aims to provide students with a general introduction to the techniques and knowledge bases of molecular biology and genetics.


  • DNA, chromatin and chromosome structure
  • DNA Replication, transcription and regulation of gene expression
  • Protein structure and genetic control of protein structure
  • Techniques for gene function analysis, genetic engineering and their applications.
  • Control of the Cell Cycle


By the end of the module, a student should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • the structure of DNA and genetic code
  • the mechanisms involved in DNA replication
  • the mechanisms involved in transcription and translation
  • relationships of protein structure to function and their genetic control
  • key points on the use of a range of techniques for the investigation and manipulation of nucleic acids, and genetics
  • the principle features of gene organisation and regulation comparing prokaryotes and eukaryotes
  • post-transcriptional control mechanisms
  • the basic mechanisms of control of the cell cycle

Teaching Methods

The module will involve lectures to present the knowledge base.  The students are expected to read the textbook assignments prior to each lecture and to spend substantial time after clarifying and extending their understanding of lecture contents by collating their lecture notes with the recommended readings. The final teaching slot includes a tutorial session with a sample of exam MCQ and their answers.


Applies only to non-BMS students taking these sessions as the free-standing module BMS157.

As module BMS157: Assessment will be by a 1.5 hour, formal, multiple-choice question paper (with minus 1/3 for incorrect answers) covering material from lectures.
For more detailed information on the Aims, Objectives, Content and Assessment of BMS109 please refer to your BMS109 Summary Booklet either as hardcopy or as found on BMS109 MOLE.