BMS227 - Career Development Skills (10 Credits)

Module Co-Ordinator: Dr G J. Cooper


To provide an opportunity to develop and practice a variety of transferable skills especially those concerned with communicating and managing ones career.


Communication Skills

  • receive instruction in order to complete a project linked to digital media and promotion of career skills.
  • prepare and deliver an oral presentation with full visual aids delivered via PowerPoint.

Presentation and Career Management skills

  • be given advice and guidance concerning career choices and being made aware of the range of interview and selection procedures used by employers.
  • undertake a series of workshops designed to improve the candidates verbal and non-verbal communication skills including interview techniques.
  • receive instruction in the preparation and presentation of a curriculum vitae or personal statements
  • receive advice on the scope and purpose of covering letters


After participation in this module students should be able to:

  • present material effectively via electronic pathways and by written, graphical and oral means
  • assess competencies for future career paths
  • critically assess their colleagues and give constructive feedback
  • demonstrate a wide appreciation of biomedical science by synoptically reviewing material delivered in other Biomedical Science modules.

Teaching Methods

Hands-on instruction linked to digital media skills will be provided either by departmental staff or specialists from the Careers Service and CICS in one of the University's CAL/IT laboratories. This will include formal "step-by-step" classes followed by less formal "drop-in" advice sessions. This will be reinforced by a comprehensive Departmental website that includes, on-line tutorials, examples of previous years designs, a catalogue of useful hints and tips and a bulletin board with frequently-asked questions (FAQs).

Specific instruction in presentation and career-management skills will be undertaken in conjunction with staff from the University Careers Advice Service (CAS) and, where possible, by outside employers. The instruction in career skills is developed by the CAS staff using talks, business games, demonstrations, mock interviews, and specific reading assignments.

The Semester Two tutorials will be geared towards the development of synoptic skills in preparation for the formal examination.


BMS227 will be assessed by five pieces of coursework which can be completed over the course of the academic year.