Student Staff Committee

The Student-Staff Committee provides a formal channel of communication between undergraduate/Msc students and staff, and it is an essential part of the management of the department. The prime aim of the Committee is to enhance the experience of undergraduate students in the department.

The purpose of the Student-Staff Committee is to consider topics such as:

  • student feedback on the quality of teaching;
  • inputs to the planning of curriculum changes;
  • departmental services (e.g. hand-in arrangements, office opening times, study facilities, availability of personal tutors);
  • improving channels of communication with students.

Student members are elected at the beginning of each year. You should liaise with these students, or use our online feedback forms, if you would like an issue raised at the Committee. Alternatively, contact the Committee Secretary.

The department provides a Student-Staff notice board on the Ground Floor (Florey Building) in base of stairwell where Committee procedures, student representatives contact details and meetings notices are displayed.

Members of the Committee are academic and administrative staff responsible for teaching, and student representatives. The secretary, is responsible for convening meetings, drawing up agendas and acting as meeting secretary. The chair is currently a student member.

The committee reports to the Departmental Meeting and usually meets about twice in the semester to discuss matters of interest to students in the Department.

Dr. Gordon Cooper is the Chair of the staff-student committee and will provide more information on the arrangements for the department’s staff-student committee. 

Members this year are: