Brexit analysis

Academics from the University of Sheffield offer expert commentary as Britain’s new relationship with the European Union and wider world takes shape.

The implications of a 'no deal' Brexit

Professor Tamara Hervey from the University's School of Law and Dr Jonathan Perraton from the Department of Economics discuss Brexit and the impact a no deal Brexit could have on the South Yorkshire region.

Listen on BBC Radio Sheffield (item starts 1:36:40)

Draft Brexit deal: What the experts say

Academics from the University of Sheffield give their reaction to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit draft deal (15 November 2018) - including experts from the Department of Politics and Department of Economics.

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 Uncertainty boosts Brexit jitters for UK scientists
7 December 2018, Research by Professor Philip McCann from the University of Sheffield's Management School that is studying the economic implications of Brexit is mentioned in Science

Quote marks Wake up to money
29 November 2018, Dr Jonathan Perraton from the University's Department of Economics, discusses the Bank of England's recently published Brexit scenarios on BBC Radio 5 Live (item starts: 38:44)

Quote marksTheresa May's draft Brexit agreement
18 November 2018, Dr Felicity Matthews from the Department of Politics discusses Theresa May's draft Brexit agreement on Sunday Politics (item starts 14:49)

Quote marks Analysis of the draft Brexit agreement
18 November 2018, Professor Simon Bulmer from the Department of Politics, discusses the draft Brexit deal brought forward by Prime Minister Theresa May on BBC Radio Cumbria (item starts 41:21)

Quote marks The Brexit Deal - a sweet treat or sourdough
15 November 2018, Dr Jonathan Perraton from the University's Department of Economics, discusses the 585-page draft withdrawal agreement negotiated between the European Union and the United Kingdom on BBC Radio 5 Live (item starts 8:32)

Quote marks Constitutional uncertainty and political disputes put Green Brexit at risk, research shows
18 October 2018, Research led by Professor Charlotte Burns from the University's Department of Politics finds a Green Brexit could be under threat without greater cooperation between devolved nations and the UK government.

Quote marks Green Brexit? New research finds weaker environmental protections than already exist under EU law
12 April 2018, A report by Professor Charlotte Burns in the University's Department of Politics found that the UK faces weaker environmental protections following Brexit.

Quote marks Article 50 one year on - what the experts say
29 March 2018, A year since Article 50 was triggered, academics at the University of Sheffield discuss the current debates and issues surrounding the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

Quote marks University urges government to recognise benefits of international students to UK towns and cities
11 January 2018, The University of Sheffield is urging the government to recognise the wide-ranging benefits international students bring to UK towns and cities after a new study showed they contribute more than £20 billion a year to the British economy.

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Expert guide

Are you a journalist looking for an expert? We have compiled a list of world-leading academics and experts who are able to provide comment and analysis on a range of topics related to Brexit, Article 50, the EU referendum and the 2017 general election.

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EU and politics
Details Expertise

Professor Simon Bulmer

Professor of European Politics

Key areas:

  • EU institutions
  • Renegotiation and referendum
  • German perceptions of the British referendum

Dr Owen Parker

Senior Lecturer in European Politics
T: 0114 2221695

Key areas:

  • The politics of citizenship, mobility and identity in the European Union
  • The political economy of the European Union

Dr Felicity Matthews

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Governance

Key areas:

  • Domestic government processes - what will the effect be on Westminster government; on Scotland, etc.
  • Domestic party politics (eg the Conservative leadership)
  • Constitutional implications (including the constitutional status of the referendum itself)

Professor Matthew Flinders

Director of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics

Key areas:

  • The future of democracy, its limitations and potential, how we can understand it better and how we can improve it
  • Engaging young people in democracy

Dr Kate Dommett

Deputy Director of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics and Lecturer in Politics

Key areas:

  • Party politics
  • Political engagement and participation
  • Democratic reform
  • Political communication

Dr Matthew Wood

Deputy Director of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics

Key areas:

  • The Union's democratic legitimacy or governance procedures (ie what it does for us on a daily basis)

Professor Andrew Hindmoor

Professor in Politics
T: 0114 2220661

Key areas:

  • Public policy
  • Political economy (with a particular interest in the banking crisis and bank reform)
  • British politics, governance, rational choice theory and political analysis

Professor Allister McGregor

Professor in Political Economy

Key areas:

  • The impact on Scotland
  • The EU and developing countries
  • The interplay between poverty, vulnerability, power and inequalities

Scott Lavery

Research Fellow at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute

Key areas:

  • British and European political economy
  • Regional growth strategies and labour markets

Dr Arianna Giovannini

Project Research Officer at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute
T: 0114 222 8346

Key areas:

  • Devolution and constitutional change in the UK
  • Democracy, sustainable governance, territorial politics
  • EU politics & policy (with particular expertise on Italian politics)

Professor Angie Hobbs

Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy

T: 0114 222 0594

Key areas:

  • Democracy
  • Ethics
  • Brexit as a democratic process
Business and EU trade
Details Expertise

Professor Sumon Bhaumik

Chair in Finance, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 3297

Key areas:

  • Global economics
  • Corporate governance
  • Impact of economic reform
  • Banking and credit markets

Dr Chay Brooks

Lecturer in International Entrepreneurship, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 3454

Key areas:

  • International entrepreneurship
  • Global philanthropy

Dr Elizabeth Carnegie

Lecturer in Arts and Heritage, Creative and Cultural Industries Management, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 2182

Key areas:

  • Museums and World Heritage Sites

Professor Tim Vorley

Chair in Entrepreneurship, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 3486

Key areas:

  • Entrepreneurship and enterprise
  • Innovation

Professor Jason Heyes

Chair in Employment Relations, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 3219

Key areas:

  • Employment relations (click here for a relevant article)
  • The labour market
  • Trade union support for migrant workers

Professor Marian Jones

Chair in International Enterprise, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 3490

Key areas:

  • Internationalisation of small firms
  • Entrepreneurial processes

Dr John Kawalek

Specialist in Management Systems and Consultancy, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 3461

Key areas:

  • Methods for European business growth

Dr Sergej Ljubownikow

Lecturer in Strategic Management, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 3342

Key areas:

  • Transitioning and emerging economies
  • Social issues in business and management

Professor Josephine Maltby

Chair in Accounting and Financial Management, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 3428

Key areas:

  • Savings culture
  • Women and investing
  • Financial reporting, governance and audit
  • Charity and financialisation

Dr Eva Selenko

Lecturer in Work and Organisational Psychology, Sheffield University Management School
T: 0114 222 3266

Key areas:

  • Youth unemployment
  • Job security and worker wellbeing

Details Expertise

Dr Jonathan Perraton

Senior Lecturer in Economics
T: 0114 2224308

Key areas:

  • Globalisation
  • Economic Growth
  • Macroeconomic Performance

Dr Juan Paez-Farrell

Lecturer in Economics
T: 0114 222 3417

Key areas:

  • Macroeconomics
  • International Economy and Monetary Economics
  • Business cycles, central banks, exchange rates and inflation
Environmental impact
Details Expertise

Dr Olaf Schroth

Lecturer in Landscape Planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
T: 0114 2220615

Key areas:

  • Assessment of the impacts of wind farms, fracking and other energy infrastructure
  • Landscape Character Assessment (LCA), including landscape perception, landscape sensitivity, etc
  • Computer technologies as tools for landscape planning

Professor Eckart Lange

Professor of Landscape
T: 0114 2220605

Key areas:

  • European environments
  • European Environment Agency
  • European landscape architecture
European history
Details Expertise

Dr Charles West

Reader in Medieval History
T: 0114 2222608

Key areas:

  • English relations with continental Europe in the Middle Ages
  • The Medieval idea of Europe
  • Misuse of the medieval past for political purposes

Professor Mary Vincent

Professor of Modern European History
T: 0114 22 22566

Key areas:

  • The history of modern Spain
  • The history of Gibraltar

Dr Tom Leng

Senior Lecturer in History
T: 0114 2222583

Key areas:

  • Early modern Anglo-European relations (1500-1700), focussing on commercial relations but also diplomacy/warfare in general
  • Migration between England and the continent

Dr Dina Gusejnova

Lecturer in Modern History
T: 0114 2222561

Key areas:

  • The idea of Europe before the 1950s

Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock

Lecturer in International History
T: 0114 22 22579

Key areas:

  • Early multicultural origins of British/European culture

Dr Caoimhe Dhaibheid

Lecturer in Modern History
T: 0114 222 2553

Key areas:

  • Impact of Brexit on Anglo/Irish relations and Northern Ireland

Professor Martial Staub

Professor of Medieval History

T: 0114 222 2572

Key areas:

  • What Europe really means
  • The history of European culture and identity

Dr Eirini Karamouzi

Lecturer in Contemporary History

T: 0114 222 2574

Key areas:

  • The history of EU policy
  • The 60th anniversary of the EU
  • European identity
  • Western Europe since 1945
  • European democracy
  • Press and public opinion
Media and propaganda
Details Expertise

Dr Emma Briant

Lecturer in Journalism Studies

Key areas:

  • Media coverage of migration and the EU referendum
  • Propaganda and conflict

Dr Irini Katsirea

Reader in International Media Law
Department of Journalism Studies

T: 0114 2222540

Key areas:

  • EU internal market
  • EU media law and policy

Dr Stefanie Pukallus

Lecturer in Global Journalism
T: 0114 222 4256

Key areas:

  • European integration history since 1950
  • European civil and identity policies
  • European public and political communication
  • EU reporting
Law and legal powers
Details Expertise

Dr Paul James Cardwell

Reader in EU External Relations
T: 0114 2226871
Twitter: @Cardwell_PJ

Key areas:

  • EU foreign policy/external relations
  • Aspects of migration (from outside the EU)
  • Legal powers of the EU
  • UK law (particularly Constitutional Law) and how it is affected by EU membership

Dr Jay Cullen

Lecturer in Banking and Finance Law

Key areas:

  • Bank regulation
  • Financial services regulation
  • Corporate governance
  • Bankers' pay

Dr Francesca Strumia

Lecturer in Law
Co-Director, International Law Firms Relations, School of Law
Admitted to the Bar in Italy and New York State

Key areas:

  • European citizenship and free movement of persons
  • EU migration law
  • European integration

Professor Tamara Hervey

Professor of European Union Law

Key areas:

  • EU law
  • EU policy
  • EU health

Voter behaviour and poll data
Details Expertise

Professor Charles Pattie

Professor of Politics
T: 0114 2220669

Key areas:

  • Voting behaviour
  • Referendums
  • Opinion polls
  • Public attitudes towards EU

Dr Todd Hartman

Lecturer in Quantitative Methods
T: 0114 222 7122

Key areas:

  • Analysing polling and data around the EU referendum
Details Expertise

Professor Andrew Geddes

Professor of Politics and Co-Director of the Social Sciences Migration Research Group
T: 0114 222 1703

Key areas:
  • Global migration governance

Dr Lucy Mayblin

Research Fellow, Department of Politics

Key areas:

  • Asylum
  • Immigration
  • Human rights
  • Cultural political economy
  • Practices of policy making

Dr Majella Kilkey

Director of the University’s Migration Research Group

Key areas:

Professor Gill Valentine

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Social Sciences


Key areas:

  • Social identities; equality and diversity
  • Living with difference;
  • Belonging
  • Childhood, parenting and family life
  • Urban cultures and consumption

Dr Clara Sandelind

Leverhulme Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Politics


Key areas:

  • Immigration and the welfare state
  • Attitudes to immigration
  • Refugees
  • Nationalism
  • Populism
Research policy

Professor James Wilsdon

Professor in Research Policy

Key areas:
  • Research and innovation policy in the UK, EU and China.