Partnering with Siemens to develop innovative solutions for global challenges.

A long-standing industrial partnership, channelling innovative research into pioneering solutions for today’s global challenges.

The relationship between the University of Sheffield and leading global engineering and technology services company Siemens has already generated valuable and diverse projects; continued involvement is strengthening ties and developing work in new fields.

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My role as Executive Sponsor shows Siemens' commitment to our relationship with the University of Sheffield. We are keen to strengthen our ties with the current research projects we are involved in but we are also open to exploring new opportunities which will enable Siemens to lead on some of the key engineering challenges facing our society today.
David Reetham, Head of Engineering and Innovation, Siemens Wind Power Hull Blade planT

Harnessing wind power

Wind Power

The pioneering Sheffield-Siemens Wind Power Research Centre (S²WP) brings together researchers from both partners to develop reliable, innovative and efficient wind turbine generators for cutting-edge onshore and offshore wind power systems. Established in 2009 and located in a dedicated University facility, it is the first centre of its kind in the UK. More than £4 million of funding has generated over 30 patents for Siemens and trained skilled graduate researchers, eight of whom now work for the company.

Electromagnetic design of the new offshore wind turbine boosts energy yield by nearly 10%
S²WP Opening - 14 December 2009

We are extremely proud of the strong relationship we have developed with Siemens Wind Power.

Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu, Siemens/Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair


Siemens is proud to be working with the University, leading the field in the development of the next generation of wind turbine direct drive generators at the Sheffield-Siemens Wind Power (S²WP) Research Centre. It is invaluable for Siemens Wind Power to be able to access the University’s world-class expertise and facilities and to sponsor PhD students and research at the University. This has culminated in the creation of the Siemens/RAE Research Chair to which Professor Zhu has been appointed as the academic director of the S²WP research centre. With our joint commitment to excellence, it is a partnership that works extremely well.

Clark MacFarlane, Managing Director, Siemens Wind Power and Renewables UK

Developing collaborations

Siemens continues to strengthen its involvement across the University, building on existing relationships and developing new ones with research centres like the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, the Urban Institute and INSIGNEO Institute for in silico Medicine, which complement the company’s nine business strands with the University’s world-leading research strengths. 

For example the department of Automatic Controls and Systems has appointed Paul Beasley, Head of UK R&D at Siemens plc, as a Visiting Engineering Professor, working closely with Professor Daniel Coca and Professor Visakan Kadirkamanathan to explore new areas for collaboration in this area.

To enhance existing collaborations as well as develop new research opportunities across the University, David Reetham, Head of Engineering and Innovation, Siemens Wind Power Hull Blade plan has been appointed as Executive Sponsor.

Engaging emerging talent

You're Hired Student ChallengeTalent recruitment and science education are clear priorities for Siemens. Its student projects and placements, seminars and PhD studentships are supporting the next generation of engineers. The unique week-long Engineering – You're Hired! challenge, for example, gives students the opportunity to develop a technology concept and pitch it to a board of industry experts.

You're hired: engineering students shine in the boardroom

Our young staff members get training benefits as mentors and we deepen our ties with the University as a valued working partner. Most of all, though, we are attracting the students to take an exciting and never-ending career path and one that is vital to our economy.

Mick Steeper, FORMER Technology Manager, Primetals Technologies

Primetals Technologies is a joint venture formed from Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery and Siemens VAI Metals Technologies.

Creating a low carbon economy

Discover Wind Power

From the generation of offshore wind power, to the development of ultra-efficient electric cars, researchers are charting a course towards a low carbon future for Britain and the wider world and playing a large part in these developments is the ongoing successful partnership with Siemens.

A low carbon future: case study

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INSIGNEO - The INSIGNEO Institute for in silico Medicine is a collaborative initiative between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It is a multi-disciplinary institute involving over 80 academics and clinicians who collaborate to develop computer simulations of the human body and its disease processes that can be used directly in clinical practice to improve diagnosis and treatment.

AMRC - The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing is a world-class centre for advanced machining and materials research for aerospace and other high-value manufacturing sectors.

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