University alliances and partnerships

One of our strengths is multidisciplinary research, in which researchers from different departments and backgrounds work together to bring new perspectives to problem solving and discovery. We have well-established partnerships with a number of universities, both in the UK and abroad, which extends our global reach and enhances our input to regional and national activities.

White RoseWhite Rose University Consortium

We are a member of the White Rose University Consortium, a strategic partnership between Yorkshire's leading research universities of Sheffield, Leeds and York. Together, we have a combined research power greater than that of either Oxford or Cambridge. Current initiatives include the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre in Social Science, the Centre for Low Carbon Futures, and the White Rose East Asia Centre.

N8N8 research partnership

The N8 Research Partnership is a collaboration of the eight most research-intensive universities in the North of England: Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York. The N8 universities pool their knowledge to attract the funding needed to bring together world-leading research excellence with regional, national and global businesses in multi-disciplinary research programmes. Current initiatives include METRC, a virtual lab specialising in soft nanotechnology research and applying this to industry; and Regener8, which is translating research in regenerative medicine into commercial products and clinical benefits.

WUNWorldwide Universities Network (WUN)

We were a founding member of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), a partnership of 18 research-led universities in Europe, North America, Asia, Australasia and Africa. WUN exists to make significant advances in understanding topics of global concern via international research platforms involving staff/student exchanges and joint research programmes.