Water Research Groups

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Water Engineering Pipe Rig close up image Pipe Dreams projectsWater Engineering Group

The Water Engineering Group, within the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, is the UK's largest research group for Urban Water Research. Members are drawn from several research groups including the Pennine Water Group and Sheffield Fluid Mechanics Group.

Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability logoCentre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability

The Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES) is to be a leading world class centre of excellence in multi-disciplinary research, development and deployment of innovative ways to advance the understanding of energy, environment and sustainability for a low carbon future.

Ecology and Environmental Research Grouping imageEcology and Environmental Research Grouping

This group is focused on research into ensuring provision of the ecosystem goods and services that the growing human population requires; maintaining biodiversity in the face of global environmental change, ecotoxicology and controlling the spread both of established and emerging diseases across terrestrial, freshwater and marine systems.

Geography and climate imageGeography

The Department of Geography has research groups focussing on: Ecosystem Dynamics and Biogeochemistry, Climate and Cryosphere, Environmental Reconstruction and Observation, and Society and Environment.

Image of green roof research facilityGreen Roof Centre

The National Centre of Excellence for Green Roofs works with industry partners to develop green roof research including study of substrates and plant combinations to suit different climates and provide longterm optimum performance.

GPRG_logo1Groundwater Protection and Restoration Group

The Groundwater Protection and Restoration Group (GPRG) seeks to make a practical contribution to the protection, restoration and sustainable management of groundwater through international quality scientific research, supported by engineering applications and wide dissemination.

LSCM logoLogistics and Supply Chain Management Research Centre

Focus on research, development and application of leading edge multi-disciplinary work with industry partners including water utilities which impacts on logistics and supply chain management nationally and internationally.

PWG logoPennine Water Group

The mulitdisciplinary Pennine Water Group (PWG) advances engineering and scientific knowledge across all aspects of urban water including potable water, stormwater and wastewater service provision and management of associated assets.

Urban - River Microclimates temperature imageRetrofit SUDS

This group aims to develop methodologies and case studies to support the broader use of Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SUDS) which can be retrofitted to tackle a range of urban stormwater management problems.

Sheffield University Management School logoSheffield University Management School

A world top 20 management school with expertise in environmental economics and factor efficiencies to examine choices and preferences for water; water footprints in supply chains; efficient water pricing; business resilience to droughts and flooding; supply chain and logistics; low carbon futures.

Fractal_high_porosity_testSheffield Fluid Mechanics Group

This group develops fluid mechanics research. It is known for work on flow and turbulence in natural and engineered water systems.

Socio-economicSocio-Economic Water Dimensions

Sheffield’s research cluster on the socio-economic dimensions of water aims to use and develop a variety of social science disciplines and approaches to explore, understand and influence the operation and development of water management.

Town & Regional Planning image - map of SheffieldUrban Studies and Planning

Ranked top in the UK, this departments' researchers investigate influences on water utility customer behaviours, governance of the environment, public engagement in environmental and water policy, including water supply and demand, water in the landscape, and flooding.