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Postgraduate Programmes

MSc Urban Water Engineering and Management

Content includes:

  • Dissertation Planning and Paper Presentation
  • Water Resources and Hydrology
  • Water Flow in Pipes, Open Channels and Aquifers
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Environmental Sampling and Data Analysis
  • Asset Management and Whole Life Costing
  • Risk Analysis and Extreme Events
  • Modelling Water Distribution Networks
  • Environmental River Mechanics
  • Design and Performance of Urban Drainage
  • Flood Risk Management

MSc in Environmental Management of Urban Land and Water

MSc in Contaminant Hydrogeology

MRes in Ecology and Environment

MSc (Eng) in Environmental and Energy Engineering

MA/Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape: Landscape Architecture, Landscape Management

STREAM Doctoral Training Centre

Undergraduate Programmes

MEng Civil Engineering and BEng Civil Engineering, Department of Civil & Structurel Engineering

In years 1 & 2 all MEng and BEng Civil Engineering students study the same broad range of modules, including maths, mechanics, water engineering, geotechnics, materials and design.

In the second year, MEng students study modules on Water and Wastewater, and Pipes and Open Channel Hydraulics. In the third year modules include Urban Drainage Engineering.

BSc and MBiolSci Ecology and Conservation Biology, Department of Animal & Plant Sciences

Both programmes include the Freshwater Ecology Field Course. This course focusses on the ecology of running water ecosystems, with an emphasis on the applied issues associated with anthropogenic pressures on freshwaters, ranging from the management of urban rivers, to the impact of pollution, and the conservation of endangered freshwater species.

BA and MA in Urban Studies, Department of Town and Regional Planning

These courses include a module on Environmental Policy and Planning covering:• Climate change as a cross- cutting environmental policy issue

  • Sustainability and environmental justice
  • Policy making and critical policy analysis
  • Coastlines & oceans
  • Non- renewable energy
  • Biodiversity
  • Watershed management
  • Renewable energy
  • Policy- making in a democracy
  • The role of planners and researchers in environmental policy making

BSc Geography, Department of Geography

Content is based around four themes:

  • Atmospheres, Oceans and the Cryosphere
  • Earth and Ecosystem Dynamics
  • Environmental Observation and Reconstruction
  • Society and Environment