Dipp Digital Twin


The Diamond Pilot Plant (DiPP) is a chemical engineering laboratory containing multiple process lines. The DiPP contains large-scale equipment that is used in a
variety of process industries, but mostly in the pharmaceutical industry. DiPP includes key powder process units for formulated product manufacture such as the continuous crystallisation unit, the filter dryer, and the industrial-scale Consigma25 powder to tablet line. A separate industrial control centre with an advanced control system and a digital twin of the entire plant is among the DiPP's primary features.

The University of Sheffield, Perceptive Engineering, and Siemens collaborated on a unique approach to digitalizing the entire continuous drug production process, from crystallisation to tablet press and transforming it into the world's top Industry Demonstrator 4.0. The project's goal was to demonstrate facilities for testing and validating possible IoT applications in the real world such as smart experimentation, real-time simulation, soft sensing, visual reality, model-based digital control, as well as to embrace a data-centric approach and automation. Also, to implement a solution that can upload in real-time process units’ data to the cloud using Siemens MindSphere to support research and development across all data science activities. Students use this facility to test design models for individual unit operations and use the integrated manufacturing process for research projects.

MindSphere is Siemens Industrial Internet of Things Solution which allows data from sensors to be uploaded to the cloud and accessed from anywhere. It is quick and easy to use, just follow these two steps:

1. Login to MindSphere:

2. Explore!  To view DiPP data go to Fleet Manager. Then find the DiPP-PharmaMV, TimeSeries to view graphs.

To login and learn more about MindSphere go to: