Frequently asked questions - Campus Masterplan

Here are some answers to questions we think you might have. If your question isn't answered here come and talk to us at one of our events or get in touch.

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  1. I regularly use the 52 bus and am a bit worried that the changed route will add time to my journey.

    The route changes will not add any time to the bus journeys. They are simply being implemented in advance of any possible changes to the road system.

  2. Crossing Western Bank often feels pretty dangerous – and it can be very difficult to get over in the allocated timescale when it's busy. What will be done to improve this?

    We're very aware of the challenges of crossing Western Bank and an early priority is to create two new, wider pedestrian crossings on Western Bank, slightly further away from Brook Hill roundabout.

    A third crossing will be installed close to Firth Hall in the medium-term.

  3. It's also difficult to get over Upper Hanover Street – is something being done about this?

    Yes, there'll be a wider, improved crossing on Upper Hanover Street – in the same location as the crossing is now the middle crossing of the three existing.

  4. What about cycling safety – will there be better cycle routes as part of the masterplan?

    Yes, we're committed to making a safe and accessible campus for cyclists and pedestrians and it's our intention to create a series of public spaces/pedestrianised areas where cyclists and pedestrians will be able to move easily and safely around the campus.

    The Arts Tower, part of Leavygreave Road and the Hounsfield area are identified for pedestrianisation.

  5. Isn't this masterplan against the interests of motorists – given the pedestrianised areas and removal of many parking spaces?

    We're trying to improve traffic flow around the campus area so it will be easier and quicker for car users to get to where they want to go. And we're building a multi-storey car park on Durham Road which will be complete by 2016. This will include 561 spaces, significantly more than the numbers of spaces we’ll be losing from around the campus.

    It's important for us all to balance out the needs of different types of travel and the pedestrianisation of some of the core spaces is an important part of creating a safe and pleasant campus for everyone who uses it – however, we also appreciate that many people need and want to use their cars and the Durham Road car park will provide a safe and secure parking environment close to the campus.

  6. Will the new public spaces, such as the Arts Tower courtyard, be fully open to the public and will anyone be able to use it to get to Weston Park?

    Yes, we're really keen to open up the campus to make it feel more part of the city and much of the thinking behind the new public spaces is to make the campus more welcoming and attractive to everyone in Sheffield.

  7. I understand the city's pedestrian Gold Route is to be extended up to the University – how will that be done?

    We want people to be able to move easily through the city, from the station right to the University and extending the Gold Route is part of this. The city council has done some fantastic work on the city's public spaces and routes, and we’ll be using the similar materials and colours in developing the Gold Route extension into the heart of the University.

  8. I'm a regular user of Goodwin Sports Centre – it would be great to see a new sports centre with more and better facilities, but will the existing centre have to be closed down for the new development to happen?

    No, we are working on plans to construct the new sports centre while Goodwin is still operational, as we have a site adjacent to the existing Sports Centre.

  9. I've seen the possibility of a new, large building on an existing car park on Northumberland Road. This is a conservation area and I'm concerned that such a building would not fit with the rest of the area.

    Yes, we do want to create a substantial building in that location to allow us to bring our social sciences departments under one roof; to promote the interdisciplinary learning that is so important and to provide world-class teaching and learning space of quality for those students.

    However, we are aware of the issues in the area and would, of course, be working closely with city council planners to create a development which both meets our needs and is sensitive to the local environment.

    There will be a separate consultation specifically relating to the development prior to submitting a planning application so that local residents and businesses can make their views known.

  10. The masterplan contains a series of alternative proposals for the Hounsfield area. Would these also be put out to public consultation before any firm decisions are made?

    We urgently need to address the needs for more and improved accommodation for our Faculty of Science and the Hounsfield area has been identified as the best location for this to happen.

    We'll be working with architects and planners to develop the most appropriate plans for the area and, once we have a clear proposal, we’ll be carrying out a separate consultation on those plans.