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  1. How will cycle lanes be improved through this project?

    We are committed to making areas safer for cyclists and are introducing new cycle routes from Portobello, along Leavygreave Road and up through to the Arts Tower in order to encourage people to cycle around campus.

  2. What about crossing the ringroad? - I'd love to cycle but I'm worried about managing the busy roads.

    The new and improved crossings on Upper Hanover Street (the ring road) and Western Bank will incorporate cycle crossings to make it much safer and easier for cyclists to move around the campus.

  3. I’m a keen cyclist but I tend not to cycle to work because I’m concerned about where I can store my bike safely and also I’m not sure where I can shower. Are there any plans to improve this?

    There are plans to create two new cycle hubs on campus with the potential to securely store a total of around 1000 cycles, we well as providing showers and lockers. These are likely to be opposite the Diamond and in the Hounsfield Road area.

  4. The cycle hoops on Porotbello have been removed so work can take place - where are the alternative cycle hoops located?

    You can find alternative cycle parking on