General Questions

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  1. Why are changes being made to the University campus?

    As the University of Sheffield continues to grow in terms of reputation and in student and staff numbers, there is an increasing need to expand and improve the standard and quality of our buildings and the surrounding campus. Our campus is part of the wider city centre, and its streets and spaces form an integral part of the wider public realm which has been transformed over the last 15 years. Our masterplan sets out plans for the next decade, building on the progress we’ve made over the last 15 years and helping us create the best possible environment for all our students and staff, as well as making better links with local communities and the wider city.

  2. What are the main areas where work will be taking place?

    The areas affected in the short term will be between the Children’s Hospital and Mappin Street, including Upper Hanover Street, Leavygreave Road, Gell Street, Victoria Street, Portobello, Western Bank, Clarkson Street, Durham Road and Mappin Street.

  3. How can I find out what’s happening and how it will affect my travel?

    The web pages and interactive map will be regularly updated to show you where work is currently underway and we’ll be sending out weekly updates with specific details of work either underway or about to start.

  4. I heard there's a proposal to make Western Bank a one way system - is this true?

    There were some initial discussions about making Western Bank one way but this is not likely to happen in the immediate future and the road will remain two-way in both directions.

  5. Will removing the Glossop Road left turn drive more traffic to Western Bank and Clarkson Street?

    We've been working closely with the City Council Highways Department and specialist transport consultants. A significant amount of traffic modelling has been carried out to ensure the changes will not cause long-term problems to the traffic movement around the city, so we do not anticipate the removal of the left turn onto Upper Hanover Street will lead to increased congestion on Western Ban/Clarkson Street.

  6. What safety measures will be put in place to deal with the increase in the number of pedestrians around Durham Road

    Appropriate measures will be put into place in order to manage the increase and maintain the safety of the public. A new pedestrian crossing is proposed over Durham Road from the multi-storey car park to the Sutdents' Union.

  7. Will buses used for open days be affected by the work?

    The buses used on open days will still be able to park on Favell Road initially but as part of our long term plans they will have to be relocated.