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  1. It’s clear from the plans that there will be some loss of on street parking bays - what plans have been made to make sure that people can still park close by?

    The new Durham Road car park, providing more than 500 spaces, is open. Some of these spaces are allocated to the Children’s Hospital and the University, but there will be more than 300 available to anyone needing to park in the vicinity.

  2. I work at the University and have always been able to park closer to my office than I will be able to now - why are you making these changes?

    The University is committed to improving sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, and encouraging people to use other forms of transport rather than their own cars, where practical, is an important part of our approach. We also want to replace the many small car parks dotted around the campus with better larger car parks.

    It's important for us all to balance out the needs of different types of travel and the pedestrianisation of some of the core spaces is an important part of creating a safe and pleasant campus for everyone who uses it – however, we also appreciate that many people need and want to use their cars and the Durham Road car park will provide a safe and secure parking environment close to the campus.

  3. I’m a Blue Badge holder and I work at the Diamond - will I still be able to park in my usual disabled parking bay?

    Leavygreave Road will be subject to traffic restrictions Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5.30pm, but Blue Badge holders are exempt and will be able to use the road to access parking as usual.

  4. Is the Arts Tower car park closing?

    The Arts Tower car park will be transformed into a green space at the centre of the campus, providing an attractive outdoor space for everyone to enjoy, as well as a pedestrian and cycle route through to Weston Park. As part of the redevelopment, most of the car parking spaces will be removed. A small number of disabled and visitor spaces will remain, as well as access for delivery and emergency vehicles. The car parking spaces lost will already have been replaced in the new Durham Road car park. 

  5. I work at CiCS and use the category B car parks on Hounsfield Road - will i Still be able to use these?

    In the short term, access to the Hounsfield Road Category B car park will remain, the difference being that Leavygreave Road and Hounsfield Road will become one way. You will access the one-way system from Glossop Road and exit via Favell Road.

  6. I occasionally come in to my office in Firth Court on my motorbike, and park in the Arts Tower allocated area. What provision is there for motorbikes once the Arts Tower is closed to traffic?

    In the short term, access for motorcycles will be maintained. As plans for the Arts Tower progress, how parking for motorcycles is incorporated will need to be considered. If it is not in the Arts Tower, we would look to relocate to a suitable place, however at this point in the design process we are not able to say exactly where that could be.

    The Arts Tower redevelopment is not scheduled until next year and we'll make sure that people have notice of any changes well before they are implemented.

  7. I have heard the University car parks at the Arts Tower, Hounsfield Road and Leavygreave Road West will be closing soon. Is there any truth in this?

    There are no imminent changes to any of those car parks, but they will be affected during later stages of the works which will take place next year.We'll make sure that everyone who uses those car parks gets plenty of notice of any changes.

  8. I'm a category C permit holder - can I park in Durham Road car park and how much will it cost?

    There is no plan to relocate Category C parking. You can park in Durham Road car park, but you will have to pay the standard charge.

  9. It's obvious that some if not all the Category A and B spaces will be moved from the centre of campus - where will we be able to park instead and how will we be kept informed?

    Over time, as parking spaces are moved from the centre of campus, these will be replaced for Category A and B permit holders in the new multi-storey Durham Road car park or the car park on Solly Street (Velocity), both run by Q park on the University's behalf.

    We will let permit holders know abut the changes in good time, including information about where you can park and access arrangements, as new cards will be needed to use the Q Park facilities.

  10. I haven't got a permit but I sometimes bring my car to work - do i get a discount in Durham Road car park or do I have to pay standard rates?

    There is no restriction on using the car parks without a permit, but there is no staff discount and you will have to pay the advertised prices.

  11. I currently park in the Category A car park at the Education Building - what is going to happen to this?

    Over time, smaller Category A car parks at the Education Building and Edgar Allen House will be reclassified to Category B, with Category A staff moving to the new car park on Durham Road. 

    We will let permit holders know about the changes in good time, including information about where you can park and access arrangements, as new cards will be needed to use the Q Park facilities.