Making better public spaces

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  1. Surely these plans are just to improve things for University students and staff. I’m a local resident who may well be inconvenienced by the work - but will it bring me any benefits?

    We plan to plant new trees and shrubs across the campus, particularly along the new walking/cycling spine. Leavygreave Road will provide a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists, with better paving, seating and street decoration. Victoria Street, Gell Street and Regent Terrace will become culs-de-sac for access only. St. George’s Green will be revamped to create more usable green space with trees, meadow and hedgerow planting. So the whole area will be safer, pleasanter and greener for everyone - and we hope local residents and visitors to the city will enjoy the improvements as much as our own students and staff.

  2. A friend of mine mentioned that this will extend the City’s Gold Route - but I don’t really know what that is.

    The City’s Gold Route provides a high quality environment for public places and spaces in the city centre, connecting up the route from the railway station to the University of Sheffield. This project aims to extend that high quality pedestrian and cycle space through the campus and up to Weston Park.