Information Commons and Hounsfield Road (Leavygreave Road west)



Much of this area will be pedestrianised to make it a more attractive and safer place for everyone who uses it. There will also be new cycle routes, more trees, and plants which will create a vibrant and greener setting.

Work updates

  • Work continues on Leavygreave Road West in front of the Information Commons - vehicles can no longer access Upper Hanover Street from this direction
  • Continuing  to lay paving - the retaining wall at the side of the Information Commons (IC) has been dug out and the steps to the IC remain closed
  • Excavation work has been carried out at the side of the IC on Upper Hanover Street
  • You cannot turn left onto Favell Road from Western Bank as it is has been changed to a one-way system which you can access from Hounsfield Road
  • We continue to provide access to the Information Commons for all users via the car park at the side of the building
  • Work continues on the new Hounsfield Road steps, the cycle route and footpaths. We have opened up a large area outside the Hicks building to help improve access around the campus while further work takes place 
  • As part of the Festival of the Mind, new artwork has been created on the wall of the old TV studios building on Leavygreave Road West. The work has been produced by artist Dr. Florence Blanchard

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