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Career Connect

"Thank you for issuing me with a login to your Contact Management System - I have had a look around the portal, and it looks like an excellent and very clear system. Much better than many other university careers service portals, so thank you!"


Once you have an opportunity that you would like to offer use our online portal, Career Connect to advertise it to students and graduates.

You can submit and manage your adverts for:

  • graduate jobs
  • summer internships
  • year-long placements
  • vacation work
  • part-time/casual work
  • and work shadowing/open days free of charge

If you are a recruitment agency acting on behalf of a client, you can use Career Connect to advertise vacancies by registering under the name of your agency.

For advice and guidance on advertising and recruitment, use our Recruiter’s toolkit below. 

Recruiter's toolkit

If you are in the process of creating a position or are new to recruiting you may also find our Recruiter's toolkit (within our Develop opportunities webpage) a useful resource. It provides advice on all aspects of the process from creating a placement through to retaining a graduate, plus information on the best time to recruit to ensure you have maximum exposure and access to the talent pool.


If you have any further questions please Talk to US, our dedicated staff are on hand to answer your queries and provide support.