As an employer, the Careers Service Placement team can help you in the following ways:

  • Offer support in putting together year-long and summer placement opportunities for students
  • Support you in recruiting students to your placement opportunities
  • Provide a link to the departments and/or students you are interested in working with
  • Discuss with you which type of placement will best support your recruitment need

You can advertise your vacancies via Career Connect our vacancies portal, or, if you have any questions, please contact us at:

Tel: 0114 222 0900

Year long placements

Nearly all courses at the University of Sheffield (with the exception of Medicine, Dentistry & Health) offer students the chance to benefit from a year long placement as part of their degree. This includes international undergraduate students who can undertake a placement year with the university's approval as part of a Year in Industry or Degree with Employment Experience route.

Employing a University of Sheffield student on a year-long placement can provide your organisation with a number of benefits:

  • the opportunity to gain fresh ideas and enthusiasm from a motivated individual
  • benefit from up to date technical knowledge & skills
  • a cost effective recruitment solution
  • an opportunity to make early contact and assess placement students for possible employment beyond graduation
  • creation of links with a leading UK research-led institution

How long is a placement year and when do they start?

  • Placements can commence any time from late June - September for a minimum of 38 weeks although a full 12 months is ideal
  • Students can choose to do two 6 month placements

Students should be paid a salary during the placement year. Guidance on appropriate salary levels is available from the Placement Team. If your organisation is unable to pay a salary during the year, please contact the Placement Team to discuss alternative solutions.

Summer placement

Summer placements, sometimes referred to as internships, are usually structured 8 - 12 week placements within a company, taking place between June and August. They can be a minimum of 4 weeks.

Most summer placements are aimed at 2nd year students, but some organisations offer placements to 1st year students too. There are a number of benefits in offering a summer placement including:

  • the opportunity to gain fresh ideas and enthusiasm from a motivated individual
  • gaining up to date technical knowledge & skills
  • an opportunity to make early contact and assess placement students for possible employment beyond graduation

Postgraduate Advantage Scheme

The Postgraduate Advantage Scheme (PAS) is open to charities, public sector organisations and SMEs.

By offering a project through the scheme, you can recruit a PAS intern to work with you for 100 hours. The University of Sheffield will provide a bursary of £1000, payable directly to the student.

Submitting your project

We are now accepting projects for the coming academic year 2017-18.

Please use our form if you wish to submit a project

Once we have received it we will contact you to discuss it further.

For more information contact:

The Sheffield China Gateway Scheme

Are you looking for ways to expand your business in China?

The Sheffield China Gateway Scheme is the upgraded version of the GREAT Ambassadors (China) Scheme that was initiated by UK Trade & Investment and piloted at the University of Sheffield.Great Ambassadors China Scheme

The aim is to link businesses with the growing pool of Chinese speaking talents at UK universities, who can benefit your business internationally.

What are the benefits of employing a Chinese speaking intern?

Employ a Chinese speaking student or graduate from the University of Sheffield to:

  • Build Guanxi (personal relationships) and understand Chinese business networks
  • Test a project for the Chinese market
  • Cost effective in the short run, added value and benefits in the long run
  • Widen your understanding of Chinese culture and communicate more effectively

"Your efforts have been fantastic thus far and we are confident that you have found an individual who can really push our business forward. The Scheme provides a platform to match students and employers. As SMEs do not usually have a presence in career fairs, and their job ads do not stand out on job-seeking websites, Chinese students don’t normally pay enough attention to SMEs. The Scheme fills the gap and helps students to secure placement opportunities with such companies. Also, students trust the Scheme as it is supported by the University of Sheffield. Students engage with the Scheme enthusiastically."  James Bower, Global Recycling Metals UK Ltd

Submit your vacancy

You can submit your vacancy via Career Connect, we will check your entry and make it live to students and/or graduates, as appropriate. If we have any queries about the content of your entry we will contact you. You can also contact us if you have any questions via:

Tel : 0114 222 0900

We offer a Business English course to support our Chinese speaking students

Programmed by the English Language Teaching Centre at the University of Sheffield, this Business English Course is designed specifically for the Chinese speaking students under the Sheffield China Gateway Scheme to prepare them for UK business environment.

The course has four sessions, covering business face-to-face communication skills, business telephone skills, business writing skills and language and phrases used in a British workplace.

If you would be willing to speak to the students on the course, please contact: