Employer Case Study: Siemens

Using digital technologies to transform business operations is key for the UK to drive competitiveness, improve national productivity and take advantage of the commercial opportunities offered by an increasingly digitalised industry. We believe this innovative network heralds a new eco-system enabled by MindSphere, which will provide a vital new model for collaboration between institutions, departments and other key stakeholders to universities.

Juergen Maier, CEO, Siemens UK

In 2016, Siemens' identified a key objective to increase whole university engagement and grow the recruitment of University of Sheffield students and graduates. The Careers Service brought together key University staff to meet with Siemens representatives to enable the University to gain a better understanding of their recruitment needs, the approach the organisation wishes to take and discuss how the Careers Service and the wider University could support this.

The Careers Service subsequently worked with Siemens to build a strategy which incorporated a recruitment plan spanning a few years. The strategy was designed to include initiatives that would raise the profile of Siemens and the career options available on-campus, provide opportunities for Siemens representatives to engage with and get to know our students and help students prepare for the Siemens selection process.

Siemens promoted their organisation and opportunities and made valuable connections with students across all year groups by posting vacancies on Career Connect and at our Graduate Jobs and Placements Fairs in the Autumn, attended by a total of 3945 students.

In order to support students who may be considering applying to Siemens and further promote their opportunities, Siemens’ representatives have regularly facilitated and supplied and delivered tasks at our mock assessment centres. Along with other industry representatives, they have been able to network with students and spot talent. Find out why a member of our alumni and Siemens representative, Victoria Hinde, found this event valuable.

MindSphere is Siemens’ industrial cloud-based operating system that connects machines and devices via the Internet of Things. The University of Sheffield was the first University to join Siemens’ MindSphere Innovation Network (MINe). The Diamond building, which houses the MINe, is home to thousands of MindSphere sensors, tracking changes in the university’s vicinity and uploading them to the cloud, then allowing the data to be analysed and used to make positive changes to benefit the students and the campus they study and live on.

Following the installation of MINe, the University of Sheffield was delighted to host the first annual MindSphere Live event designed to help Siemens discover future talent. Bringing together the UK’s most promising engineers in one place, the event saw 12 teams from UK universities compete over 48 hours to build a mechanical/electrical device which showcased a set of data collected from the MINe. University of Sheffield winners were offered the opportunity of an internship with Siemens and participating students were able to get an insight into a career at Siemens.

In order to provide examples of the career routes taken by some of our graduates who have joined Siemens, our alumnus have supplied case studies which are now a valuable addition to our resources for students and graduates.

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