Get to know our students


We have received a number of applications from Sheffield students…

I would say that going to the fair was a definite benefit to us.

DCA Design International

We believe that our students have the potential to do great things. The best way to find out if they are right for your organisation, is to meet them.

We provide a range of opportunities for you to engage with our students and graduates throughout the year to introduce your organisation and the opportunities that you have available. You can meet students from your target disciplines on-campus at a variety of recruitment events or interact with them through virtual events. 

You can also support the University of Sheffield’s Learning and Teaching Strategy by delivering workshops and guest lectures; preparing our students for employer recruitment processes can be an effective way for you to raise your profile and spot talent.

Find out more about engaging with our students:

If you would like to get to know our students but don’t know where to start, Talk to US. Our dedicated staff are on hand to discuss your needs and provide advice on the most appropriate events for your organisation, many of which have no cost.