Give students a real-world perspective

Real world

I have regular communication with the Careers Service and they are always looking to help support us in our initiatives to engage with students in different ways. We work as a close partnership to improve the employability of their students.


Supporting the University of Sheffield’s Learning and Teaching Strategy through curriculum delivery and preparing our students for the transition to employment can be an effective way for you to raise your profile and spot talent.

It is important that our students are exposed to industry during their time at University to help them develop commercial awareness, understand the relevance of their course and equip them with the skills and experience they need for their future career.

Engaging with students in this way not only supports them, but raises awareness of your organisation and industry. It can also enable you to spot talent and make connections with students that you may like to develop further.

We provide a range of opportunities for you to support students and engage with your target disciplines including: delivering mock interviews, skills workshops and guest lectures; mentoring students; offering projects, simulation exercises or dissertation topics; or providing specialist equipment to support students' learning.

Recruiter's toolkit


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