Careers MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

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We run two free short courses to help you create the perfect CV, personal statement or application and to succeed at interview.

Both courses are highly participative and include written material, animation, video and interactive quizzes and games. There will also be templates and examples for you to download and use within a personal portfolio.

Although the courses are arranged into weeks, it's possible to work through them at your own pace and concentrate on the material you find most relevant

Here is a breakdown of what we cover:

Week 1 - In the first week, we help you to understand the skills you have gained through studies and work experience and show how they can be matched to job advertisements or course requirements. We also explain what we mean by positive writing and how it can help get a message across.

Week 2 - We explore how to write an outstanding CV and covering letter, and to create a professional online profile, (including a video CV)  that will appeal to recruiters.

Week 3 - We look at the types of questions that may be asked in an application form, such as motivational, strength and competency-based questions, and provide a structured approach to answering them.

Finally, we move on to personal statements and provide tips for what should be included.

Here is a breakdown of what we cover:

Week 1 – In the first week we start with that crucial first stage – preparation and look at the importance of doing some in depth research so that you can answer the question “What do you know about our organisation/institution?”, with confidence.

Week 2 – We turn interview preparation into interview practice. We take a look at what to wear and how to make a positive first impression. We also go through some typical and not-so-typical interview questions and provide tips for answering them.

Week 3 – In this week we look at telephone and video interviews, and offer our tips.

Finally, we go on to look at other activities that may form part of the interview process such as presentations, group exercises, tests and case studies.