Support for departments

The Careers Service provides strategic and practical support to departments helping them to integrate and develop employability within the curriculum. An outline of support available is given below but support is not limited to these activities.

Curriculum integration

  • Sharing a whole University view of curriculum integration to support understanding of possible approaches, for all students and researchers
  • Mapping of current provision and identification of gaps
  • Support for student reflection on skills, attributes and experience
  • Input into design and delivery of academic modules, primarily where focused on credit bearing/embedded career decision making, employability and/or graduate skills and attribute enhancement.
  • Support for design and implementation of assessment and feedback
  • Support for academic and professional staff on career management skills and enabling student reflection

Support for employer engagement and placements

  • Links to employers to provide input into programme design; input into modules; opportunities for student research, projects, placements
  • Support to raise understanding, aspiration and the uptake of placements
  • Use of our Career Connect system to manage the full placement process, including Health and Safety

Information provision

  • Provide information for use with prospective students, covering the career benefits of higher education and opportunities after a degree
  • Provide information on central Careers Service activities to enable development of tailored complementary departmental provision
  • Support for understanding needs of different students groups and tailoring of support, e.g. WP, international students, disabled students

Resources to support employability in your programme

We have created a suite of resources to help you address employability within the design and development of your programme. These are all available on the Elevate website. These include:

  • Employability programme review and development toolkit
  • Student journey document
  • Signpost sheets for personal tutors and PGR supervisors who have career conversations with their students
  • Employability themed group tutorial suggestions
  • Suggested ways for integrating employers and alumni in your programme
  • Writing references for students

Further support

Please contact your department link Careers and Employability Consultant if you would like to discuss tailored support on embedding employability in your programmes.

Working collaboratively

Your support is essential in supporting student employability.

The Careers Service welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with departments and is always pleased to discuss your needs and ideas.

Please contact us at: if you would like more information

How you can support your students
  • Encourage and enable students to start early with career thinking; to reflect on their skills and attributes; to consider what they are enjoying about their studies, work and extra-curricular activities
  • Encourage students to seek work experience or placements early in their degree programme to ‘test out’ their career ideas and to develop their skills
  • Encourage students to use our website which provides guidance and information on everything from how to explore career options; comprehensive information and resources on a range of careers; advice on CVs, applications and interviews
  • Promote Career Connect which advertises our events, vacancies, and where students can book impartial confidential career and placement appointments
Supporting placement activity

The Employer and Placements Team in the Careers Service provides support to departments whose students choose to undertake a work-based placement at some point during their course.

Departments are required to manage any placement activity, which is an integrated part of study programmes or undertaken on an occasional basis as an optional part of a course, in accordance with the University’s Policy and Guidance for the Placement of Students. This ensures the University achieves compliance with its legal duties with regard to health and safety.

If your students wish to undertake a year-long placement which is not already built into their programme

They can do this by transferring to a ‘Degree with Employment Experience’. Once a student has secured a placement, they are required to seek approval from their department and complete a Change of Programme form. Once academically approved, the Careers Service will conduct risk assessments, gather appropriate documentation and brief students to ensure that, so far as reasonably practicable, any risks to the students are minimised. We also record all placement activity and associated documentation centrally, on Career Connect. More detail about the process can be seen in the Placement Management Flow Chart in the toolkit below

Please direct students to our Placement webpage for guidance on the process.

If a student secures a placement, departments must:

• submit a completed Change of Programme form to the Careers Service at:
• instruct the student to submit details of their placement on Career Connect, so that we can carry out necessary risk assessments BEFORE placements commence.

The academic department conducts student monitoring and assessment, and acts as the main point of contact for the student and the employer throughout the duration of the placement period. You can find information about the Assessment Requirements in the toolkit below.

If your department offers year in industry/placement year programmes

We can support you by supplying everything you need to manage placements, ensuring consistency of approach and central recording to aid due diligence.

If you offer other work-based placements

Departments may adopt all, or aspects of the process, documentation and recording system for the management of other work-based placements, such as those that form part of a dissertation or shorter-term project. These resources are available in the toolkit below.

Placement Management Toolkit

Policy and Guidance

  • Policy and Guidance for the Placement of Students
  • Placement Management Flow Chart
  • Degrees with Employment Experience Assessment Requirements
  • National Minimum Wage advice

Template Documents (These templates should be used in accordance with the Policy and Guidance for the Placement of Students)

  • Letter of Expectation
  • Induction Checklist
  • Tier 4 Students Prospective Work Placements Letter
  • Tier 4 Students Work Placements Letter

Degrees with Employment Experience Marketing Materials

Pre-placement Briefing

An online resource which provides students with essential information and advice to help them prepare for their placement

If your students need help with finding a placement

We advertise summer and year-long placements, as well as and other short-term placements that students can undertake alongside their studies, on Career Connect, which they can access via MUSE.

Our team of Employer Engagement and Placement Officers work with employers daily, to identify and generate placement opportunities, so let us know if there are specific sectors or roles that your students are looking for.

For more information

Whatever your placement activity, the Careers Service is on hand to provide advice and guidance throughout the process.

Should you wish to discuss how we can support your placement activity, or if you would like to arrange a demo of the placements functionality of Career Connect, please contact us.