Support for departments

The Careers Service provides strategic and practical support for departments through the Departmental Employability Lead (DEL) to identify and action a programme level view, and integration, of support for employability within the curriculum. An outline of support available is given below but support is not limited to these activities.

Curriculum integration

  • Sharing a whole University view of curriculum integration to support understanding of possible approaches, for all students and researchers Mapping of current provision and identification of gaps
  • Support for student reflection on skills, attributes and experience
  • Input into design and delivery of academic modules, whether wholly or in part focussed on employability, and whether credit bearing or not
  • Support for design and implementation of assessment and feedback
  • Support for academic and professional staff on career management skills and enabling student reflection

Support for employer engagement and placements

  • Links to employers to provide input into programme design; input into modules; opportunities for student research, projects, placements
  • Support to raise understanding, aspiration and the uptake of placements
  • Use of our Career Connect system to manage the full placement process, including Health and Safety

Information provision

  • Provide information for use with prospective students, covering the career benefits of higher education and opportunities after a degree
  • Provide information on central Careers Service activities to enable development of tailored complementary departmental provision
  • Support for understanding needs of different students groups and tailoring of support, e.g., WP, international students
Working collaboratively

Your support is essential in supporting student employability.

The Careers Service welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with departments and is always pleased to discuss your needs and ideas.

Please contact us at: if you would like more information

How you can support your students
  • Encourage and enable students to start early with career thinking; to reflect on their skills and attributes; to consider what they are enjoying about their studies, work and extra-curricular activities
  • Encourage students to seek work experience or placements early in their degree programme to ‘test out’ their career ideas and to develop their skills
  • Encourage students to use our website which provides guidance and information on everything from how to explore career options; comprehensive information and resources on a range of careers; advice on CVs, applications and interviews
  • Promote Career Connect which advertises our events, vacancies, and where students can book impartial confidential career and placement appointments