CDT Conference in Energy Storage and Its Applications 

The 3rd CDT Conference in Energy Storage and Its Applications, is to be held Tuesday 11- Wednesday 12 September 2018 at The University of Sheffield.  Calls for abstracts

This conference, organised by the CDT, has been running since 2016 and is open to all researchers in the energy storage community in the UK and international to attend - we welcome PGRs, early and senior academics and industrialists to attend and discuss progress on energy storage research and applications in the power and energy sectors.

The conference aim to cover all technology classes, as well as demonstrators and deployment at grid/city scale, transportation, social acceptability and policy, with sessions proposed in the following topics:

  • Mechanical/Kinetic storage
  • Transportation
  • Built Environment
  • Thermal/Chemical/Thermochemical storage
  • Grid scale storage/Power Management & Control
  • Electrochemical storage
  • Social, Policy & Economics
  • Energy Systems & Advanced Tools
  • Each session will have a keynote speaker, four oral presentations and up to ten posters. Proceedings for all oral presntations will be published in Energy Procedia. To apply for the oral presentaitons or a poster, please see below. Please note that CDT-ESA students will be allocated to oral presentations or a poster session as appropriate, and 2017 cohort students will separately present Summer Project posters.

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Storage and its Applications at the Universities of Sheffield and Southampton opened in October 2014.  The Centre tackles industrial research challenges and develop new technologies and leaders that will enable the UK to meet its low carbon targets.

Further information on the conference.