Teaching and Assessment


You'll be taught by experts from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and depending on your course you will be taught by a range of specialists from Sheffield's other world-class departments that include:

MSc (Eng) Biological and Bioprocess Engineering:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Biomedical Science.

MSc (Eng) Energy Engineering with Industrial Management & Msc (Eng) Biochemical Engineering with Industrial Management:

  • Mechanical Engineering

Throughout the year you will be taught through a combination of:

  • Lectures
  • tutorials
  • workshops
  • practical classes
  • Coursework


A key component of our course is the research based project. This will give you practical experience of research in your chosen field. This is a major part of your degree and you will be allocated an academic supervisor who will provide advice and guidance throughout. The research project will be assessed via a written dissertation and oral presentation.

Our students will get the opportunity to tackle real-life problems; the range of project topics is diverse and reflects the expertise of staff or your personal interest. There are opportunities for research projects to be carried out in collaboration with other University research centres as well as industrial organisations. Research project collaborations have been undertaken with:

  • Sheffield University Waste Incineration Centre (SUWIC)
  • Environmental Consultancy Centre (ECUS)
  • Centre for Analytical Services (CAS)
  • Waste Management and Technology Centre (WAMTEC)
  • Tata Steel

Research projects offered in the past

Here are a few examples of research project titles that have previously been done:

MSc (Eng) Biological and Bioprocess Engineering:

  • Development of open tube capillaries for downstream bioprocessing of biopharmaceuticals to enable the enrichment of a range of protein/protein complexes including biotin labelled proteins, antibodies and GST fusions.
  • Optimization of fed batch culturing strategies for recombinant antibody production to maximise cell growth and minimise the build up of inhibitory metabolites such as lactate.
  • Modelling recombinant monoclonal antibody production by mammalian cell factories to determine cellular control of Mab synthesis and rational engineering of cell function to increase productivity.

MSc (Eng) Environmental and Energy Engineering:

  • The development of a low noise Acoustic Pyrometer to be used in large scale boiler temperature measurement.
  • Partial gasification and Pyrolysis of waste polymers and biomass in molten salt baths and fluidised beds to manufacture chemical feedstock gases and activated carbons.
  • Biodiesel production: Biodiesel can be produced from plant derived oils either directly or by the recycling of cooking oil waste.
Seminars and visits

Department seminars and industrial visits

Throughout the academic year the Department organises a series of invited lectures and industrial seminars. Meaning you will have opportunities to interact with leading people from industry during invited seminars and workshop sessions.