Gain hands-on practical experience, update your knowledge about safety regulations and be taught by industrial experts.

Our highly regarded short courses have been developed and are delivered by professionals at here at the University of Sheffield, the Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Health and Safety Executive and a range of commercial consultancies. This combination of knowledge and expertise ensures the highest academic standards.  You'll be taught by the best - to be the best.  

Our range of safety modules cover the pharmaceutical, process, nuclear and offshore industries. All of our courses meet industry demands, you'll be able to enhance your professional development with us and learn from peers in the industry.  Our courses are taught by professionals who have spent years in industry.  Transform your future with us.  

These courses have been designed for those employed in the process industries and would be suitable for; site/plant managers, process safety managers/engineers, process engineers, process chemists, shift supervisors and safety professionals.  Fees are £1500 per course.  Discounts are available for Alumni (from the PSLP course), UoS students and multiple bookings.

Process Safety Management and Loss Prevention 1 - 4 October 2018 

This course gives you the skills to ensure your plant is reliable, available and efficiently maintained. You'll be introduced to qualitative and quantitative analysis of maintainability as well as the basic concepts, techniques and potential of reliability engineering.

Introduction to Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment 22 -25 Ocotber 2018 

The ability to full understand all the hazards associated with modern chemical/processing plant is vital, this course gives you an introduction to the tools needed for hazard analysis and risk assessment.

Hazards in Process Plant design and Operation 19 -22 November 2018

This course focuses on all aspects of process safety across the lifecycle from concept, detailed design, construction, start-up, operation, maintenance and decommissioning.

Process Safety in the Chemical Industry 29 - 2 May 2019

A wide range of chemical hazards are examined at a fundamental level and the likely harm caused to humans, chemical plant and environment arising from these is quantified. In each case, the methods adopted for identifying and reducing hazards is developed and auditing tools are described as a means of self-regulation

Process Plant Reliability and Maintainability 7 -10 January 2019

Time and money are wasted by ineffective running of process plants.  This course gives you the toolbox you need to help you make sure your plant is reliable, available and efficiently maintained.

Human Error and Human Behaviour 28 - 31 January 2019 

Behavioural safety is fast becoming the number one priority for industry today.  The majority of industrial incidents are caused by human error. This course concentrates on how human error and behaviour affect the design and running of industrial processes.

Applied Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) 17 - 20 December 2018

How can you control hazards in the workplace?  The Hazard and Operability study (HAZOP) is an excellent risk assessment tool that enables you to identify hazards and reduce associated risks.

Major Hazards and Emergency Planning 25 - 28 February 2019

A major hazard release or emergency can be catastrophic.  On this short course you will learn practical risk assessment that will enable you to major the chance of this happening or limit the effect of the release. It also gives practical advice about emergency procedures and drills.

Safety Instrumented Systems and Functional Safety 11 -14 March 2019

Safety instrumented systems play an important part in the minimisation of risk. The functional safety standards were developed to provide a robust framework for the management of these systems throughout their life, thereby minimising failures in this critical layer of protection.

Process Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry 15 - 18 April 2019

The module will describe how techniques covered on the rest of the course are applied to process safety issues specific to the oil and gas industry.  Within the oil industry, it will cover process safety in exploration, production, refining, distribution, marketing and retail operations. Within the gas industry, it will address areas such as production, storage, liquefaction and transportation.

Process Safety in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Consumer Products 29 April - 2 May 2019

The module will describe how techniques covered on the rest of the course are appliedfood to process safety issues specific to the pharmaceutical, food and consumer product industries.  Within these industries, it will cover the process safety issues for typical operations such as grinding, blending, dissolving, crystallising, drying, conveying and packaging.

Safety in Nuclear Operations 13 - 16 May 2019

The nuclear industry has a history dating back to the 1950s and its profile today is a reflection of this long historical legacy as well as the present day needs which are shaping its future. This future is being strongly influenced by a background of rising energy costs and continued nuclear pressures to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels and new nuclear build is now part of the revised energy strategy in, for example the UK and USA.


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