CCWI Background and History

This is the fifteenth in the CCWI series of biennial conferences organised by the universities of Brunel, De Montfort, Exeter, Imperial College and Sheffield.

After many successful UK events the series widened to the continent in 2013 (to Italy) and in 2016 (to the Netherlands) before returning now to Sheffield after a gap of 8 years.

Focusing mainly on water systems modelling and control this conference aims to bring together leading experts from academia and industry. Researchers and practitioners will be given the opportunity to discuss, present and disseminate recent advances in research and industry. Other short courses, group meetings and exhibitions, are also planned during the conference.

The main aims of the conference are:
• To facilitate continued co-operation of academic institutions and industry
• To examine the current state-of-the-art in computing and control techniques applicable to the water industry
• To provide a forum for discussions and the dissemination of ideas on applied computing and control for the water industry, with particular emphasis on;

1. Provider's perspective - Recent developments in research;
2. User's Perspective - Users' experience of latest techniques;
3. Future needs - current and future planning and operational requirements.

Previous Conferences

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CCWI 1995 Computing and Control for the Water Industry
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CCWI 1999 Water Industry Systems: Modelling and Optimization Applications
CCWI 2001 Water Software Systems: Theory and Applications
CCWI 2003 Advances in Water Supply Management
CCWI 2005 Water Management for the 21st Century
CCWI 2007 Water Management Challenges in Global Changes
CCWI 2009 Integrating Water Systems
CCWI 2011 Urban Water Management: Challenges and Opportunities
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CCWI 2015 Sharing the Best Practice in the Water Industry
CCWI 2016 Computing and Control for the Water Industry
CCWI 2017 Intelligent Water Systems

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