CCWI 2017 Themes

'Intelligent Water Systems'

A. Advances in sensors, instrumentation and communications technologies
B. Big Data and IoT applications
C. Data driven and soft computing analytics and visualisation
D. Systems modelling, optimisation and decision support
E. Real time monitoring, modelling, control and uncertainties
F. Water quality modelling, including sediment and pollutant transport
G. Water and wastewater treatment modelling, optimisation and control
H. Demand forecasting, leakage and energy management
I. Asset management and performance modelling
J. Sustainable urban water management, including stormwater management and integration of water within smart blue-green cities
K. Flood modelling and management
L. Security, reliability and resilience
M. Social and economic aspects of the water management

Papers presenting case studies and practical application are particularly welcomed, including laboratory experimentation, case studies and real world projects.