The Centre for Energy & Infrastructure Ground Research (CEIGR) delivers leading geotechnical research in the themes of Energy and Infrastructure to provide engineering solutions to current and future challenges that underpin society. The Centre is based at the University of Sheffield in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering and incorporates a multi-noded research network of academics at eight universities and multiple industrial partners working together to improve the world around us. The Centre is supported by the Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and is led by Dr Jonathan A. Black, Centre Director.

At the heart of our centre is a 4m diameter 50g-ton geotechnical beam centrifuge facility, manufactured by Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd., which represents the pinnacle of physical modelling research capabilities. The accelerated gravitational field produced by this test facility offers unique capabilities of simulating full scale field stresses conditions in small scale model experiments. This unique ability enables us to deliver high quality experimental research that provides enhanced understanding of soil-structure interaction behaviour leading to better geotechnical design and development of innovative engineering solutions.