Bringing bacteria to life

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 C-MRC students and staff take part in outreach activities engaging local primary school children in

'Sticky Bacteria' workshops to learn about bacteria and how bacteria interacts with different surfaces.

Five workstations were set up for the school talks which included the topics ‘our mouth’, ‘our hands’,

‘the kitchen’, ‘the hospital’ and ‘the environment’. Each workstation included hands-on activities to

help children understand the basics of bacteria and their relationship to people and the environment.

The group have also presented at the ‘Women in Engineering’ conference and taken part in the

'National Science and Engineering Week'.


The Global Educational Outreach for Science, Engineering and Technology (GEOSET) website by the Kroto Research Institute  is an easily searchable gateway to a store of SET and related educational material.


The Critical Zone is the Earth’s outer layer from treetop to bedrock; where terrestrial life flourishes and feeds most of humanity. Professor Banwart talks about the Critical Zone.

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