Pilot Testing of the Centaur System in Coimbra, Portugal

Flooding in Coimbra December 2013

Coimbra in Portugal is a steep urban catchment that has experienced localised urban flooding (Figure 1). With a dependable climate it is a suitable site for testing the new local Centaur RTC (Real Time Control) system.

The most affected zone with floods is the downtown area, where important services and tourist attractions are located. This urban catchment is called “Zona Central” and has a total area of approximately 1.5 km2 (Figure 2). This catchment is predominantly urban with a low-lying area of commercial activity of 0.4 km2, a considerably hillier area, highly urbanized and with an area of approximately 0.2 km2, and an area of residential character and parks of 0.9 km2.

A programme of hydrodynamic modelling of the Zona Central sewer network has been undertaken to identify suitable potential locations within the urban drainage network for the testing of the pilot CENTAUR unit. A preferred site was identified and the pilot Centaur system consisting of a Fuzzy Logic controlled flow control device and a local monitoring system has been installed at this location. A program of monitoring and testing is now underway.

The hydrodynamic sewer model will be used to understand the performance of this pilot installation of the CENTAUR system. A report on the testing will be published in Spring 2018.

Zona Central Catchment