Group photo from Singapore Urban Bridges Mission

Dr. Kieran Williams, Business Development Director at EMS, joined 10 other UK SMEs in Singapore for an Innovate UK global innovation mission in September 2017.

The main aim of the Singapore Urban Bridges mission was to support UK-Singapore partnerships in urban infrastructure. Building bridges between the UK and Singapore, the goal is to enable small and medium sized UK enterprises (SMEs) into a position where they can exploit the available innovation opportunities.

The main focus of this Innovate UK mission for EMS was to discuss the opportunities in Singapore which could derive from innovation projects, such as CENTAUR.

This is the second mission under the Singapore Urban Bridges programme. The UK delegates were introduced to Singaporean peers, partners and stake holders and consequently, commercial and collaborative research development opportunities were explored. Those which can be addressed by collaborations between Singapore and UK collaborations will be defined, providing an excellent opportunity for the CENTAUR project.