CENTAUR Demonstrator Installed in Toulouse

Images of the demonstration location and the CENTAUR kiosk in Toulouse

Following on from the successful pilot testing of the CENTAUR system in Coimbra, PT, a second system has now been installed in Toulouse, FR.  This system incorporates several key developments that are important to water utilities. The most important is the ability to install a flow control device (FCD) with a diameter up to 500 mm through a standard 600 mm diameter manhole cover, meaning that disruptive civil engineering works to enlarge the manhole cover are not required.  The revised FCD is also hydraulically, rather than electrically powered, this gives additional 'fail-safe' resilience as hydraulic energy is stored in a tank and available to open the FCD in all circumstances. A hydraulic system also removes high voltage electricity from inside the manhole chamber, unlike the system in Coimbra.  The system has been installed on a 480 mm diameter storm water pipe in the system operated by Veolia Eau on the outskirts of Toulouse.