CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Autumn Meeting 2017

EMS exhibition stand at CIWEM UDG Autumn Conference and Exhibition

CENTAUR was strongly represented at the 33rd Autumn Conference and Exhibition of the CIWEM Urban Drainage Group (formerly known as WaPUG).  The event was held in Blackpool, UK from 8th to 10th November and is regarded as a key date in the diray of many UK urban drainage professionals.

EMS had an innovative exhibition stand which showcased the CENTAUR Local Monitoring and Control System (LMCS) and generated significant interest from attendees.

Sonja Ostojin and Will Shepherd presented a paper co-authored with Kieran Williams, Nuno Simões and Joerg Steinhardt "CENTAUR: Smart Utilisation of Wastewater storage capacity to prevent flooding".  This paper provided an update on their 2016 paper by presenting new developments, results from the laboratory facility and the inital results from the pilot installation in Coimbra.  Pete Skipworth presented a second paper co-authored with Sonja Ostojin "Artificial Intelligence for Watewater", this more general paper used CENTAUR as a case study.  Following on from the presentations a number of discussions were held with conference attendees interested to know more about CENTAUR and how it might be applied in the UK.

Sonja Ostojin and Will Shepherd presenting at UDG 2017