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May 2013

Troubling Gender – The Question of Multiple Identities

We invite feminist academics and activists to join us in an interactive conference addressing issues of intersectionality.

The conference aims to provide a friendly, safe environment for academics and non-academics from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds to share ideas and research with like-minded people. We welcome submissions in a range of formats including presentations, posters, performance, art or other visual forms. Innovative and unusual submissions are encouraged.

The conference is hosted by the University of Sheffield Postgraduate Gender Research Network and the Centre for Gender Research. Please see the PGRN events page for further details about the conference.

December 2012

Are superdads the new 'new' dads?

Tuesday, December 4th, 5-6pm with refreshments and mince pies to follow. ICOSS Boardroom.

Since the 1980s sociologists have been talking about “new” dads. These “new” dads are more involved with their children than previous fathers were, and in ways that are more nurturing. They have become an accepted and perhaps expected part of our culture. As much as fathers are expected to be more involved with their families, they are not routinely offered options when it comes to negotiating issues of work-family balance. Yet this is obviously an important issue for a growing number of men. In fact, a recent study by the Families and Work Institute found that a higher percentage of fathers than mothers experience work-family conflict. Based on the forthcoming book Superdads: How Fathers Balance Work and Family in the 21st Century, this talk focuses on the development of a new group of fathers – superdads. These dads deliberately adjust their work lives to fit their family lives, rather than vice versa. Implications for gender and parenting are to be discussed.

Gayle Kaufman received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Cornell University and PhD from Brown Universityand she has been teaching at Davidson College for the past thirteen years, including a stint as chair from 2006 to 2012, and is now Professor of Sociology. She was a Visiting Associate at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Cambridge in 2007 and currently is a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Leicester, UK. Created in the aftermath of the Second World War through the vision of Senator J. William Fulbright, the US-UK Educational Commission promotes peace and understanding through educational exchange. It is part of the global Fulbright Program, one of the most prestigious awards programmes world-wide operating in over 150 countries.

November 2012

Moving in space, through time and place.

Wednesday, 21st November 2012, 3:30pm to 5pm with refreshments to follow. SR102, Sociological Studies, Elmfield building.

At this session Fiona Candy will introduce elements of her recent project work, which references art and anthropology as well as fashion, performance and dance. She is particularly interested in the role that the materiality of clothing - such as fibre, garment construction, fit, volume and form - plays in stimulating and animating the body via the senses when worn. She will then oversee an experimental participatory session designed to create a gender sensitive focus on the material qualities of some ordinary, everyday garments.

Fiona is Senior Lecturer in Textiles in the School of Art, Design and Performance at University of Central Lancashire, in Preston, where she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate fashion, textiles, and three dimensional design subjects. Fiona originally studied fashion and textile design, and has since designed for a range of contexts including for the mass market, her own knitwear label, leather surfaces for footwear and costumes for opera. Her more recent research projects span art, design and ethnography and she uses qualitative interview, video, photography, illustration and motion capture techniques to interpret clothing’s impact on personal appearance, and on the ways that the body may be lived and experienced.

This work has been supported by grants from the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England and Arthritis Research UK. As well as developing empirical approaches, Fiona works collaboratively under the a-brand label to make objects and public exhibitions as a means to engage wider audiences beyond those normally reached by academic research, in issues of identity and social connection. Information relating to some of these collaborative projects is available at

September 2012

'If The Shoe Fits' at the Festival of the Mind Researchers Night

Friday 28th September, Jessop West Foyer

Exhibition: 6pm - 8.30pm
Talk by Professor Jenny Hockey and Dr. Victoria Robinson: 7.15pm - 7.45pm

On the 28th September the team of researchers on the 'If the Shoe Fits' research project are putting on an exhibition as part of Researchers' Night at the Festival of the Mind. The exhibit will include a talk by Professor Jenny Hockey and Dr Victoria Robinson about the project, videos, activities and a selection of research participants' shoes - each telling a story about their wearers. As part of the exhibition the team are also asking visitors to contribute their own shoe stories, drawings or pictures on the back of postcards which will be displayed on the day and recorded through the project blog:

If you're interested in what a sociological study of shoes might look like, or if you're just interested in shoes then do please feel free to come along. Issues of gender figure highly in the project.

For more information on the exhibition visit the Researchers' Night web page:

For more information about the research project 'If the Shoe Fits - Footwear, Identity and Transition' please visit the project website:

December 2011

Launch Event to Celebrate the Gender Network becoming an ICOSS Centre.

Professor Sylvia Walby (University of Lancaster) will discuss the Future of Feminism.

5.00pm, Wednesday 7th December, in the ICOSS Conference Room, followed by a drinks reception. For more details please see the poster available in the Downloads menu to the right.


ICOSS - Monday 5th December, 5.30 pm

A 3-year ESRC-funded project in the Department of Sociological Studies is using footwear as a lens through which to generate new insights into some longstanding sociological questions about identity. Find out more about this project and the questions it asks by checking an exhibition in ICOSS throughout December this year. From shoes in the media to the shoes on Sheffielders' feet today, this exhibition will get you thinking about what you put on your feet to come to work, that pair you should never have bought, those trainers strung on a power line somewhere near you.

Find out more at:

November 2011

ESRC Festival of Social Science - Feminist Principles: Research Methods Training for the 3rd Sector

As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, a day conference was organized in November 2011 by Dr Nathalie Hammond, Dept Sociological Studies: Feminist Principles: Research Methods Training for the 3rd Sector. This multi-activity event, which attracted over 25 people, show cased current Social Science research at Sheffield University. It offered free methods training based on empirical experiences, attracting cross faculty participation as well as engagement with different 3rd sector organizations.

May 2011

Professor Georgina Waylen gave her inaugural Faculty of Social Science lecture, "Gender matters in politics", on 11th May 2011.

The event was held at ICOSS.

Feb 2010

Workshop on Masculinity, Wednesday February 3 2010, ICOSS.


Dr Victoria Robinson (Dept. Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield)
Introduction to the Journal of Gender Studies Special Issue on Masculinities - New Directions in Masculinity Studies

Jennifer Sloan (School of Law, University of Sheffield)
Gender Behind Bars - A female perspective on researching male prisoners

Dr Abigail Gregory (Univ of Salford), Dr Sue Milner (Univ of Bath), Prof Jan Windebank (University of Sheffield, School of Modern Languages & Linguistics)
'Fathers as primary caregivers' - Research presentation

Dr. Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto, (University of Turin, Italy)
Sex and laughter: Humour and irony in doing heterosexual masculinities

Sam Kirkham (School of English, University of Sheffield)
Narrative and masculinity in the ex-gay movement

Jessica Bailey (Dept. Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield)
'Gender relations in mixed-gender feminist groups: preliminary findings from an empirical study'

Dec 2009

Workshop on Men, Masculinity, and the Home
Victoria Robinson (Department of Sociological Studies) 'Occupational Masculinities in Transition Across Public and Private Spheres' Laura King, (Department of History) 'Men at Home: Emotional Relationships Between Fathers and Children in Britain, c. 1918-1960' (Cosponsored by SSGRN and PGRN)

June 2009

Dr Joe Cooke (University of Stirling) 'Exploring intergenerational relationships amongst people who have migrated from Africa' (Co-sponsored with Centre for Gender Studies in Europe and Dept of French).

Feb 2009

Dr Victoria Robinson (Sociological Studies Sheffield) 'Sporting Masculinities: Rock Climbing and Extreme /Everyday Partnerships' (Co-sponsored with Sociological Studies)

Nov 2008

Dr Fiona Mackay University of Edinburgh, 'Institutionalising 'new politics' in post devolution Scotland: 'nested newness' and the gendered limits of change' (co-sponsored with Dept of Politics)

Oct 2008

Dr Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto, University of Turin and Dr Chiara Bertone, University of East Piedmont, `Studying men's heterosexualities in midlife: results from an Italian research project´ (Co-sponsored with Sociological Studies)

Feb 2008

Dr Natalia Gerodetti (Leeds Metropolitan University) "Female Sexuality and Mobility between Public and Private: Railway Stations, Prostitution and the Social Purity Movement."
(co-sponsored with Centre for Gender Studies in Europe)

November 2007

Workshop with Professor Carole Pateman (UCLA) on her contribution to Feminist Theory (co-sponsored with the Centre for Political Theory and Ideologes).

November 2007

Seminar with Dr Deborah Smith on `Gender, Justice and Customary Law in Afghanistan´ (co-sponsored with Centre for International Policy Research).

June 2007

GRN 1 Day Workshop on Men and Masculinities. It included the following papers:

  • ‘Masculinities in Transition: Identity and Occupation’, Professor Jenny Hockey and Dr. Victoria Robinson, Department of Sociological Studies
  • 'Men die earlier than women; Is this unfair?', Dr. Aki Tsuchiya, Department of Economics, and School of Health and Related Research
  • 'Researching Men: Issues in Gender and Methodology', Dr. Paula Meth. Dr. Katie McClymont
    Department of Town and Regional Planning
  • 'Deprived Masculinities?: In Search of Hegemonic Masculinity in Postwar Japan', Dr Hiroko Takeda
    School of East Asian Studies
  • 'Ritual encounters? Reconstructing homosociability in the eighteenth century', Dr Karen Harvey, Department of History

May 2007

GRN Seminar with Professor Liz Stanley (University of Edinburgh) on 'Yours sincerely, Olive Schreiner': Olive Schreiner's letters, feminist theory and the Schreiner electronic epistolarium.

December 2006

GRN Seminar with Professor Shirin Rai, (University of Warwick), on 'Gender, Justice and Rights: Honour Killings in South Asia'.

May 2006

GRN workshop on Masculinities. With papers by:

  • Mary Vincent and Bob Shoemaker, Department of History: Men and Violence: Historical Approaches.
  • Jenny Hockey, Alex Hall, and Vicki Robinson, Department of Sociological Studies: Masculinities, Identities and the Workplace.
  • Vicki Robinson, Department of Sociological Studies: Masculinities and the Extreme Sport of Rock Climbing.

March 2006

GRN Workshop on Methodologies for Gendered Research. Panel Presentations by:

  • Jenny Saul (Philosophy) on Gender Research in Philosophy
  • Georgina Waylen (Politics) on Gender Research in Politics/International Relations
  • Susie Molyneux Hodgson (Sociological Studies) on Gender Research in Sociology
  • Mary Vincent (History) General Overview/Discussant

February 2006

Inaugural Meeting.