Past Events

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November: Research Presentations: Constructing Femininity

  • Rachel Johnson (History) “The Girl About Town": Representations of young Women in Drum magazine, South Africa 1951-1970.
  • Laura McLeod (Politics) “Are all feminists supposed to be pacifists?”: Reconstructing traditional images surrounding women and peace in Serbia.

March: Roundtable Where now for multi-disciplinary feminism and gender studies?
Chaired by Laura White (Politics)

May: Gendered methodologies workshop, run by Dr. Vicki Robinson (Sociology) and Dr. Georgina Waylen (Politics).


November: Research Presentations: Gendered, but non-feminist research.
Chaired by Craig Berry (Politics)

  • Robert McLiveen (Poltics) Ladies of the Right: Supply or Demand in Conservative Political Recruitment.
  • Kate Gee (Music Psychology) “What's a nice girl like you doing playing trumpet?" Women, Identity and Brass Music Making

Spring Semester 2008 Seminar/reading group series: Gender identity and representations of the body

Organisers: Jessica Baily (Sociology), Clare Bale (ScHARR), Ingrid Hanson (Englsih), Rusksana Majid (English) and Laura McLeod (Politics).

January 25th 2008: Research Presentations: Gender identity and Representation of the Body

  • Anna Krzywoszynska (Geography) Whores and Madonnas. Representation of female bodies in modern Italy
  • Matthew Cheeseman (NATCECT) Mapping the undergraduate body
  • Claire Jenkins (Sociological Studies) Straddling the scalpel of identity: a critical consideration of the social context within which it is possible for transsexual women to transition

For details of the reading group series, please see the reading group section of the web site (via the link on the left).


Autumn 2008: Reading group series: '(Re)visiting feminisms'. (See the reading group section of the website for details).

Spring 2009: Reading group series: 'Feminist locations'. (See the reading group section of the website for details).

May 8th: Feminist roundtable meeting

Sheffield Fems, Sheffield Union´s feminist group, hosted this roundtable meeting about feminism and the university, in association with the PGRN. We may hold further meetings in the future. For more information, please contact Heather Swinsco.

email : Heather Swinsco

May 29th: One day conference

The PGRN held a one-day conference to showcase feminist and gendered work being carried out by postgraduate researchers from a diverse range of disciplines at Sheffield University. The day also included a workshop on doing policy-relevant research with visiting speaker Kat Banyard from the Fawcett Society.


See reading group pages for details of reading group sessions.

Weds 9th Dec - 'Men, masculinity and the home'

Joint event between the PGRN and the Social Science Gender Research Network, featuring presentations by Dr Victoria Robinson (Sociological Studies) and Laura King (History).

3rd Feb 2010 - New Research on Men and Masculinities Workshop

Half-day workshop featuring presentations from staff and students across the University, including a talk from invited speaker Dr. Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto (University of Turin).

28 May 2010 - Postgraduate Gender Research Network Conference

One-day conference with presentations by postgraduates from across the University. Also featured a poster session and theatre performance.