Gender Research at Sheffield

There is a huge range of exciting gender research being carried out in Sheffield. Please send us details of your research and publications to list here. Below is a case study of some of the research carried out on masculinity at Sheffield.

Research on men and masculinities at Sheffield is currently thriving across different faculties. Such research is concerned with the theoretical implications of seeing men as gendered subjects, and also with the epistemological and methodological questions that arise from carrying out work on masculinities, and not least the relationship of this work to feminism.

For example, Aki Tsuchiya has carried out research in the Department of Economics and School of Health and Related Research on the reasons why men die earlier than women, asking if this is unfair, or whether this can be seen differently when the question is placed within a feminist framework. In the Department of Economics, and School of Health and Related Research, Katie Mclymont and Paula Meth have recently been concerned with issues of gender and methodology when carrying out work on men.

Masculinity is also being theorised from a historical perspective. Hiroko Takeda, from the School of East Asian Studies has been researching hegemonic masculinity in postwar Japan, whilst Karen Harvey from the Department of History is concerned with reconstructing homosociability in the eighteenth century. In a more contemporary context,in Sociological Studies, Jenny Hockey and Victoria Robinson have previously conducted ESRC funded research on men in different occupations and were especially interested in identity transitions across public and private spheres.