Elim Pentecostal

We are an evangelical Pentecostal church, with a broad cross section of ages and ethnicities (over 20 nationalities). Our worship is contemporary, teaching, Biblical. It is a welcoming church. It is a refreshing place, a church for all nations.


Service times

We meet on Sundays at 11.00am.

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  • Website  
  • Phone: +44 7975 878799
  • Address: Elim Pentecostal, Lee Croft, Sheffield, S1 2DY

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Inclusivity questions

  • What is your policy on gender roles/equality in leadership? 'Women may and do hold leadership positions within the church.' Elim say that it may prove difficult for a person who does not subscribe to the Fundamental Beliefs of the Elim Pentecostal Church (found on their website) to participate fully in the life of the church.
  • What is your policy on same-sex relationships, especially with regard to leadership? Elim say that they hold a traditional view with regard to celibacy, heterosexual relationships outside of marriage, and heterosexual marriage.
  • What provision do you have for people with specific accessibility needs? 'We have people with disabilities within the church, they are fully included. We have level access, and DWC facility; loop system.'

Where to find us

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