Liberating Theologies

Liberating Theologies is a group open to anyone wanting to study and discuss a variety of liberating theologies and to see how to apply them to life and religion / belief practice.

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The Liberating Theologies group meets approximately every 3 weeks and the next meetings are Thursdays, 24 February, 17 March, 28 April and 19 May 2022 at 11.30h–13.00h.  The meetings will be held in the Gathering Room at The Octagon Centre, University of Sheffield.  Alternatively, a video call link to the meeting is available on request. 

We have previously looked at Black; Black British; Child; Ecological; Disability; Environmental; Feminist; Indigenous; LGBT / Queer; Palestinian; South American, Urban and Womanist theologies.  The group collectively decides what topic we will look at next.

If you would like to join the group, please express your interest on the Google Form, or please contact Jeremy Clines (Coordinating Chaplain at the University of Sheffield) for more information.