Regular Events and Opportunities for Worship

The Quiet Room at the University Chaplaincy Centre is open Monday-Friday 9.30am-5.00pm, for private prayer, reflection and meditation.

Members of all faith communities are encouraged to find a local place of worship. Comprehensive listings can be found in 'Faith in the City'.


Church of England and Free Church Services

Anglican and Free Church students are encouraged to worship at local churches on Sundays. Details are available in 'Faith and the City' and online, or through the 'Church Search'.

Roman Catholic Sunday Masses for the University

These are led by the Associate Roman Catholic Chaplain, Father Lee Marshall, at St Vincent's Mission Hub on Solly Street. Details of Masses can be found here.


1:10pm Prayers (Christian): University Chaplaincy


12.15-12.45pm Buddhist Meeting with Chanting (SGI-UK): University Chaplaincy
1.10pm Prayers (Christian): University Chaplaincy


1.10pm Lunchtime Communion Service (Protestant): University Chaplaincy


1.10pm Prayers (Christian): University Chaplaincy


1.10pm Prayers (Christian): University Chaplaincy
Friday Prayers (Muslim): Muslim Welfare House of Sheffield


Jewish students are encouraged to observe Shabbat with local Jewish communities. Details are available here.

Muslim Prayer rooms

Prayer Rooms are located in the Students' Union and in the Sir Frederick Mappin Building.