There are lectures at lunchtime on Friday, which clashes with Muslim prayers. What can we do?

Friday communal prayers are obligatory for observant Muslims. Some departments do not schedule lectures across Friday lunchtime for this reason.

Students have a responsibility to discuss this with staff BEFORE they absent themselves.

The nearest mosque is on Severn Road. This is also the base for the University's Muslim chaplaincy team.

Friday prayer times are 12:45 (winter) 13:15 (summer). Students need some time there before for ablutions. There is no religious requirement to stay after the service.

What is the University policy on religious dress?

It is recognised that some religions determine a certain mode of dress.

No agreed rules exist regarding attire during study/research unless it is a requirement of the place of study/clinical attachment etc. [e.g. wearing safety clothing, dress appropriate to professional requirements].

Priority must be given to health and safety requirements.

Students whose attire conceals their identity must be prepared to confirm visual identity in an appropriate manner ­ e.g. at interview and prior to examinations.

Where University activities involve dealing with members of the public (such as patients while on clinical placements) it may not be considered in their best interests for students to conceal their face.

Religious Observance and Exams

Students who for religious reasons cannot attend, sit exams etc on any day on which examinations may be set during the year (including Saturdays but not Sundays), should discuss with their academic department[s] in advance. If exams on specific dates, late Friday afternoons or Saturdays will not be possible, please complete and submit this form by 30th October. Please note that once examination timetables have been set it is difficult for alterations to be made.


Muslim students fasting during Ramadan are expected to continue with normal work and study. If you wish to discuss an individual situation, please contact the Muslim chaplain, m.ismail@sheffield.ac.uk