Muslim Chaplaincy

Support and advice for Muslim students and staff living and working in Sheffield.

The Muslim Chaplaincy extends a warm welcome to all members of the University. We are dedicated to providing care, support and a compassionate presence at the University. Any problems or issues, please contact Imam Sheikh Ismail DL or Chaplaincy office.


Sheffield has a number of Mosques. Find the right one for you.

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Prayer Rooms

The University has prayer room facilities for brothers and sisters, with Wudu facilities available inside or nearby.

Muslim Prayer Rooms>

Quran Reading

Weekly Quran Reading drop-in sessions are hosted by the Muslim Chaplain, Imam Mohammad Ismail. To protect the University community this activity is currently available online only.

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Muslim Chaplain and Advisers

We are a team dedicated to provide care, support and a compassionate presence to all fellow students and staff at the University.

Muslim Chaplain: Imam Mohammad Ismail> Muslim Advisers>
The Muslim Chaplain and two Muslim Advisers
Women from Islamic Society, having a cycle ride

Life as a Muslim in Sheffield

Where to find Halal Butchers, advice on sharing accommodation, dress codes, and more

University Life> Sharing Accommodation> Muslim life in Sheffield: FAQs>

Student Societies

For many Muslim students, the Students' Union student society is an important social and religious focus.

University of Sheffield Islamic Circle> University of Sheffield Ahlulbayt Society>
The committee of the University of Sheffield Islamic Circle