15 June 2020

Black Lives Matter

We at the Chaplaincy Centre have been deeply challenged by the worldwide response to George Floyd's killing.

And we know that some people will have been deeply affected, and perhaps traumatised by some of the things that they’ve seen online and on video, both footage of George Floyd’s killing and of police violence.

So if anybody from the University of Sheffield wants to talk to us for pastoral support and care please do get in touch and we will listen confidentially and non-judgementally.

We also know this will have served as a horrible and stark reminder of other times of immense racial injustice, another pandemic emergency, and the pain of the current circumstance reminds us of centuries of pain and pains from our own memories and experiences.

The chaplaincy is here for you and to listen to you, for any recent or past pain. And we are here to listen to the injustices both present here in Sheffield, in our own communities, including our communities of learning, and for our loved ones as well as for ourselves.

Feel free to contact us via the details here or via our social media (@shefchaplaincy on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

As well as our support, other support offered by the University is explained here.